Commander in Chief

Itís ya girl Ashley and Iím back for another election season!
But see my heartís not really in it
Iíll need inspiration from the people before I make my final decision
ĎCause Trumpís gonna run again Iím sure of it, Biden slides in and out of consciousness right on stage
Some guy named Ron DeSantis doesnít believe in Black historical education
Yet he wants to lead the nation, too
We live in a place where Emergency Services only work for a few, and not the greater good
Too many leeches and vultures at every turn
Snatching resources from the people that need it the most
Iíve been sittiní back and paying attention, as well as getting involved and what Iíve witnessed, is that at the highest levels, thereís insecurities and abuse,
They look at themselves and have moments
Those that weíll never know about
And hand over millions of dollars to established billionaires, then ridicule us broke
I won't say any names to protect the innocent
So many bum ass rich asses in this city it's beyond me
We need to rebuke that negative energy
If Iím going to try my hand at the Presidency once again
I want a strong reassurance from my constituents that weíre in this together!
Anytime thereís a public outrage over a mass shooting, youíll see Kamala Harris bringing flowers to the deceased, but what good does that do?
Gun laws do very little, itís time to step up our online and community presence and make sure they reckon with the neighborhoods over this manifesto shit, or a scorned hate monger needing to take out strangers while going ďLIVEĒ on social media
Copycats who wanna be the next Rambo or Anti-Christ
Folks who claim to be on the right side of history
I proclaim that there will be no safe spaces for hatred and supremacy?
Where the hell is your soul at America?!
Now we just pick up the pieces and move on?
Just another casualty?
Absolutely not, we cannot save everyone but we can make bold statements against this bullshit, for real, and take action to bring back civility
Now, outside of this rhyme I am looking for a chosen few, who will dedicate time to writing to local papers and statewide publications about the dire need for public safety
Be vocal in this fight cause we're all targets if you wanna talk about it candidly
I always say that my first day as President will be a huge party in Martha's vineyard
The South lawn is reserved for line dancing
The entire West side of the White House is for the freaks, just stay y'all nasty asses up outta my Oval office.
I have another month or so before I stake my claim in a long, tenuous fight, but with the right people behind me, we can take our country back and move forward!!!
Signing off, Your potential Commander in Chief! Peace!!!!
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
Author's Note
Another campaign rhyme for ya!!!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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