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When I was a firefighter Chapter 5 part 2 of 10

When I was a firefighter
Chapter 5 part 2 of 10

I watched as she quietly luxuriated in her bubble bath. There were enough bubbles to hide her breasts from view, but not her shoulders and upper chest. However, I was focused on her face; she wore no makeup and was still stunning. The hair hastily piled on top of her head was just as sexy (perhaps because of the setting) as if she had spent an hour fixing it.

Cherry sang a sweet song; replacing the words with various sounds like ‘la’, ‘de’, ‘Dum’, etcetera. Her singing voice was like an angel, and I was not surprised. She would periodically look over at me on her phone and give a mildly amused smile—due to the stupid look on my face.

I continued to watch as she reached for something out of frame. She leaned back and one leg rose above the bubbles—toes pointed. The item she had grabbed turned out to be a lady’s razor and she began gliding it along her silky skin. I had been with her just over 12 hours ago and they were like silk then; I guessed she shaved them regardless of need. She continued to sing while finishing her legs.

Once she completed the task, she bent her knees and leaned forward into them; wrapping her arms around her legs while we continued talking.

We talked about anything that happened to come to mind. Neither of us was afraid to broach a subject; if we thought about it, we brought it up without hesitation or worry due to possible reactions. We discussed everything from when we might get to see each other again to where we saw our relationship going; from what we were going to do if she was pregnant to how many kids we thought we would want to have.

Cherry leaned forward again, but this time she flipped the lever to drain the water from her bubble bath.

I asked, “No more bubble bath?”

She answered with a smile, “You cannot have a bubble bath without bubbles. See? They are all gone.”

She picked up the phone and gave me a view from higher up; looking down at her in the tub. Just as she had said: there was nothing in the tub but clear water and an incredibly sexy, naked young lady.

Suddenly, Cherry gasped in faux shock and she used her free arm to try and cover her exposed body while saying, “How dare you look in on me while I’m bathing!” She put on an over-exaggerated southern belle accent that seemed to come straight out of a western movie from the 1940s.

Picking up on her joke, I adapted my own cowboy accent and said, “Terribly sorry Ma’am. I didn’t reckon there was no one in here.”

She was still holding the phone in the same position when she said in the same voice, “Well look away, you cad!”

I said, “I’m powerful sorry, Miss, but if you aren’t just the prettiest thing I ever did see—I…can’t…look away!”

The last line had her laughing and she dropped character, securing me the ‘win’ for our little game. She stood up and reached for her towel to dry off. The phone was propped up again and I could see all of her bathroom. She dried off as casually as if no one was watching and hung the towel to dry. Once again she sat on her vanity stool, applied lotion to her legs, and I found myself wishing I was there to do it for her—still able to sense the fragrance of it. Besides, I was much more thorough when it came to massaging it into her skin! Cherry turned to face her mirror, let down her hair, and began brushing it out in long, slow strokes.

In a very nonchalant tone, Cherry asked me, “What were you doing a week ago at this time?”

I said, “One week ago at this time? Easy: I was with you at the mall.” I looked at the clock to get the exact time and said, “At this precise time, we had finished lunch and were still talking in the food court.”
Seeing an opportunity to challenge me, she asked, “What was I wearing?”

I said matter of fact, “Black yoga shorts and a tank top; that was easy.”

Her eyes narrowed and she asked, “Yeah, but what did I have for lunch?”

I said, “Oh, give me a break! How am I supposed to remember that you had a spinach salad topped with char-grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette? Next, you’ll expect me to remember that you like an orange wedge in your water instead of a lemon!”

Cherry’s mouth hung open for a moment in surprise. “You, Mr. Mann, have impressed me! For your attention to detail, you shall be handsomely rewarded!”

“Really? What is my reward?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise so don’t ask!”

I said, “Can I ask WHEN I will get it?”

She teased, “No-you-can’t!”

I sighed in ‘disappointment’ and said, “Ok; fine…”

Cherry stood and only then did I remember that she was still as naked as the day she was born. She took me with her to her closet and turned the phone around to show me her clothes. She first opened a drawer that had all of her panties and even some lingerie.

She was digging through the unfolded, unorganized collection of intimates while whispering ‘what to wear, what to wear?’ Something caught my eye.

“Oh, what was that—the red thing?”

She dug around and asked, “This?”

I said, “No, there was something else, go back!”

She dug around again and found the item, “This??”


“It’s a garter belt,” she answered.

I said, “Oh, that is HOT,” and she pulled it out of the drawer before grabbing the thigh-high stockings that matched them.

“Ok, now I need panties. Help me find panties.”

She was digging through the drawer when I barely caught sight of the perfect pair. “There! The little red pair!”

She questioned me holding the very sheer, G-string panties up, “THESE?!”

"I said, “OH YEAH!”

She said, “I had these when I was like 12! They are too small!”

"I said, “I’ll bet they still fit! They are perfect…”

"Cherry said, “Well, there’s only one bra that will go with this…”

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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