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We approach one another with arms outstretched  
fingers entwined at the first hint of a gentle touch  
bodies drawing closer with our hands alongside.  
Lips caressing lips, the softest of a welcomed touch  
our hands now release as we envelope in an embrace  
a lingering hug with soft whimpering moans.  

Fingers between shirts as silken caresses slide  
hunting and seeking hidden skin to ravish  
goosebumps form as breathing becomes deeper.  
Baby soft fingers with the slightest and gentle touch  
starts with a forehead kiss, then a shoulder rub  
soon our groins awaken and begin to moisten n tingle.  
We close our eyes as to savor and fill up our senses  
feelings and desires we've yearned for oh so much  
you lovingly stroke my hair as we pull closer to nuzzle.  
Our eyes lock as our foreheads then cheeks touch  
hands are busy exploring each others ass and back  
sudden deep breath taken as my bra comes unhooked.  
Again we lock eyes, this time searching into our souls  
our nose and forehead again will colide and touch  
a quick passionate kiss before heading down South.  
You suck my nipples gently but firmly through my shirt  
I softly whimper and moan as both our breath deepens  
my hips begin sway as my arousal keeps rising.  
I moan as you push my shoulders ever gently down  
my panties waistline is lowered for your full exposure  
your tongue meets my clitoris with great want and desire .  
Tease that swollen bud and make me lose all composure  
have your one hand caressing my thighs and cheeks  
your fingers and tongue play a love song like a flute.  
Our heart rhythms are now completely raised in unison  
each our tongues, busy doing a sexy, erotic waltz  
the tempo will quicken and our muscles will tighten.  
Soon we will release all  the tension with a gush  
you, me, the teasing, the kisses and of course the touch  
we one thing we often seek and need so very much.  
Written by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)
Published | Edited 31st Jan 2023
Author's Note
Contemplating what it would be like to explore the possibilities of someone new....hmm...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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