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When I was a firefighter Chapter 4 part 11 of 11

When I was a firefighter
Chapter 4 part 11 of 11

“Wait: I’m not wet enough yet—it hurts.”

Without a word, I set her on her feet and kneeled down in front of her. Facing me, she leaned up against a wall and put one leg over my shoulder as I started to lap at her pussy like a starving kitten with a bowl of milk. Her fine wisps of hair above her clit tickled my nose as my tongue darted in and around her vaginal opening. With my head under her skirt, I placed both hands on her ass cheeks to force her crotch into my face as I moved my nose from side to side, flicking her clit back and forth. Before I knew it, both of her legs were on my shoulders and her knees were splayed wide to give my oral assault full access to her moistening vagina. I wanted to continue licking her for the foreseeable future, but time was something we didn’t have a lot of at that moment.

“Ok; that’s good—do it now,” Cherry said as she pulled her legs from over my shoulders.

I picked her up again as before and set her down on my skyward-pointing cock. This time it slipped inside much easier. The moment my dick head touched her cervix, her phone buzzed, and we both knew her Mom was in the parking lot—waiting for her. She had her hands hooked on the back of my neck for support and we started humping like sex-starved bunnies. Our eyes were locked together, and I could see Cherry’s ponytail bouncing like she was jumping on a pogo stick. Her orgasm was not coming fast enough for her, so she pulled her top and sports bra off at the same time, leaving her wearing nothing but her cheerleading skirt and her socks, and sneakers.

Cherry straightened her back and pulled herself in close to me, putting a nipple in reach of my mouth. Needing no direction, I sucked it in hard and did my best to give her a hickey on it. A few seconds later, I switched to her other breast and gently, yet firmly, bit her nipple before rapidly licking away the minor pain.

“Oh, fuck yes! That feels so good,” Cherry said; her voice echoing in our hiding place. “Do not stop. I want it harder and faster!”

I increased my thrust speed and stroke length, and she began to vibrate and hum aloud. The impact of our bodies was making a very pornographic slapping sound that would have been unmistakable if anyone happened to walk by. We did not care.

Cherry’s phone began to ring with a call the moment my load busted free from deep inside me. Her pussy suddenly gripped my cock, and she squeezed me with everything she had, legs, arms, hands, and vagina. Her orgasm had her gasping and exhaling heavily through her hungry mouth as her phone rang insistently. Cherry reached for the phone on the ground, and I squatted down with her while our mated parts continued to glide and convulse together. She picked up the phone and answered it.

We are wrapping up now, Mom. Be right out in a minute.”

I could hear her mom say, “What is the hold-up? Let us go.”

Cherry said, “Um, something came up that I had to take care of—I’m coming right now.”

I leaned back and pushed my cock even harder inside Cherry. My cock head pushed hard against her cervix, causing Cherry to gasp sharply before saying “ouch!” at the pressure.

I heard her mom ask, “What’d you do?”

Cherry said, “Oh, nothing: I just got poked by something. I am fine.”

She placed her free hand on my stomach to steady herself as she rose a fraction of an inch to relieve the pressure. She ground her hips back and forth on me. I had both feet and hands planted on the cement and I was in the ‘crab walk’ position while Cherry bounced on me like she was riding a trotting horse.

Her Mom said, “Ok. Hurry up—I want to get home,” and ended the call as Cherry did the same before dropping the phone.

I said, “Well, you didn’t lie to her: we were wrapping up, and you are coming right now!”

Cherry said, “SHH. Do not move…” She waited for a few moments and said, “There it is…” She was feeling my heartbeat again.

Our orgasms had barely finished when she dismounted me; first sliding forward and then back over my cum-soaked cock. To my surprise, she pulled my goo-covered shaft into her mouth and cleaned it off.

Once it was clean, she said, “MMM; salty and sweet! We taste great together!”

Stunned, I said, “You are my QUEEN!”

My boxers were soaked at the crotch and her pussy was in a similar state. Not having thought that part through, she was forced to resort to using her panties to wipe herself clean. But she could not put the wet panties on under her uniform, so she gave them to me (she could not take them home when they were soaked in bodily fluids). Cherry grabbed her sports bra and uniform top and started getting dressed. With my own pants back on, I found the remaining item of her uniform and held it until she was ready for it.

Handing them to her I said, “Here are your bloomers…”

She looked at me like she could not believe what I just said. While taking them from me she said, “Oh my god, you did not just call these ‘bloomers’.”

I asked, “Isn’t that what they are called?”

Cherry remarked, “Oh thank god you didn’t call them that in front of the others; I would have never heard the end of it.” As she stepped into them and began pulling them up to cover her bare ass she said, “These are called kick pants. You could also call them ‘lollies’ or ‘spankies.’ You could even call them ‘buddies.’ Just do not ever call them bloomers: those are ‘granny panties.”

Enlightened, I said, “Ok; kick pants—got it.” I noticed she had something stuck to her top and said, “You have something on your top; I’ll get it…”

Cherry groaned.

“What now?” I asked.

Cherry laughed and said while pointing to the top part of her uniform, “This is called a shell. If it had sleeves, it would be called a liner.”

Not wanting to make another naming error, I tugged on her skirt and asked, “Ok: what’s this part called?”

Cherry looked at me in disbelief and answered with an implied ‘duh’, “That’s my skirt.”

I said, “Of course, it is,” before asking rhetorically, “What else would it be called?”

She made adjustments to her uniform to make it feel and look ‘correct’. She had to keep adjusting her kick pants; unable to get them to feel right since she was not wearing any underwear. She called the fight on fixing their feel against her crotch and presented herself to me for approval—mostly to make sure she looked presentable to the public.

Once dressed, you could not tell what we had just done. For the first time, the action of what we did was that of a quick and simple fuck session. But we both knew that it was based on a much deeper Love for each other. We kissed passionately for a moment and said we would be counting the endless seconds before we could see each other again and parted ways.

I stayed put until she texted me as a signal that it was safe to come out from our hiding place. On the way home, I could not imagine being any happier. That made me wonder why I was still not sure if I was ready to go back to work (which meant I was not ready). What was I missing?
There was still something wrong; but what was it?

I got home and did not even bother to shower before going to bed. I hung Cherry’s panties on the headboard with the other pair she gave me as a gift and went to sleep…

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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