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Souls Galloping In The Wind

I did not chisel the commandments in stones    
My truth have always stood for me alone †  
Centering myself, inhaling, when the soul requires cleansing, allowing Mother Nature to hear my incantations as I universal atone † † †  
To the question, asked of me at best † † †  
No, this hemisphere has not made me melt †
Only the realization of intellectual overload when my existence needs to give credence to the four elements when at rest † † †  
Such a beautiful moon that sits on the throne of infinity beaming from the skies † † †  
Look up and listen for the sultry benedictions of its midnight tales and divine lullabies † † †  
†† † †  
That superior light can travel your cerebrum to the third Heavens, given of its ancient stories to tell † † †  
Open your cognizance awareness, hold my hand as we step down in Hell † † †  
There is nothing to amuse but dark and the feel of its silhouetted heat † † †  
Cries of forgotten humanity being slaughtered like raw meat † † †  
Since the beginning of times † † †  
Seconds and minutes of the clock have turned by the Creatorís chimes † † †  
†† † †
Most would say is there an afterlife, relief from this earthy strife † † †  
A challenging affair to answer with several variables to sift through are involved † † †  
What a funny riddle the intellect always tries to solve † † †  
That third eye ordained within the cocoon of the womb † † †  
A far intellect to have journeyed past Jesusí tomb, the Blue Nile, and Egypt sands dunes † † †  
To know if hearts arrive within the calling of infinity, ashes to ashes dust to dust the miracle of us then gone too soon † † †  
†† † †
The beauty of the brain when maneuvering through the portals of ancient rites † † †  
There is no times of elevation only the cascading of a spiritual light † † †  
Have I died and moved on † † †  
The mind, body, and vessel of the soul has touched many dimension and heard the creed of all the universal songs † † †  
The Illuminati and the facades of damnation in the mystic, their hidden numerology agenda right under or nose it silently drifts † † †  
The hand that rocks the cradles and the gigabytes, their collective summonses are wired and deeply embedded in it † † †  
Misplaced mentalities with dual personalities assuage for greater denominations in the pulpit † † †  
Two headed serpents that hunt flesh, molest the minds of children, and then denounce women as being taboo and unfit † † †  
Celibacy of softness to devoid their company, by a religion oath of one of divinityís most cherished gifts † † †  
†† † †
Inhaling, bringing the body back into the shell from where the soul is placed † † †  
The flow of blood coursing through of our veins, vital organs of survival are miraculously encased † † †  
I never understood dark minds and why we learn to hate † † †  
Death of the spirit is found in a heart who refuses to psychologically communicate, who only berets † † †  
After the Book Of Revelationsí there is a race to be won † † †  
Unto the eyes that sees the truth and detail the struggles, our worth here on earth, thy Kingdom shall come † † †  
†† † †
The sacred scrolls are told in the Book of Enochís plight, hidden and ostracized from plain sight † † †  
And you look upon a cross with a pale man on it who is called various theology names † † †  
The falsehood of its alphabetic lettering, Timothy, John, Luke, its preachingís scriptures that were not indoctrinated by the timeline, which we give homage, sing hymns in His resurrected fame † † †  
I worship the Creator, the Father and the Son are not the same † † †  
As we leaf through a given bias book of disunity, inscribed with generations of incest, lust, murder, debauchery, and shame † † †  
†† † †
Heaven and Hell is in your mind and how your perceive † † †  
Crimes of the heart, crimes of the skin, crimes unto humility is always well received † † †  
Your faith is tested daily, and cooled by pages of the Good Bookís ideology of the original sin † † †  
From the beginning of creation, festered with demons, giants, and Jinn's † † †  
Forty weeks to give birth † † †  
Ten centimeters from the silvering of manís endowed girth † † †  
The Ankh, a relic of ancient ancestry a replica of the womb, the fallopian tubes, an amulet certainly to adorn of its symbolic worth † † †  
From darkness, the soul entering through the divine passion as the red sea parts in the renewal of birth † † †  
Lay hands upon the belly and pray to ward off the beastís curse † † †  
†† † †
The head crowns unto another lifespan sliding out the portal of blessed fluid to breathe, to soar, to fly † † †  
Pushed down and out as the worlds now hears the fear of its first cries † † †  
Unto the slavery of alarms clocks, working by the sweat of oneís brow, from sunrise † † †  
Sundown is the relaxation of the mind, heart, and body when sleep overtakes † † †  
Awakened only to repeat the same fate † † †  
†† † †
Know this is temporary, as energies recharges and sparks the shell of humanity somewhere else † † †  
Nomadic memories fades of self  
Deja vu is the only comfort from a begotten time we once lived, have felt † † †  
Yes, you have seen the mere flashes before † † †  
In the greatness of your presence, your insights has moved on as the placenta has been birthed from a previous life the subconscious concealed, once you tapped into the celestial core † † †  
You will know how many lives your soul has stored † † † †  
New blood, timeworn ambiance unto another reality will be poured † † †  
Fear no more, a thousand deaths the soul has resided fourscore † † †  
Oh, itís time for my mind to regroup in this dominion † † †  
Looking over the peaks of those mountaintops does tend to drain the psyche cortex if I never mentioned
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I found this on my memory stick...untitled... enjoy

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