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Gotta.. Em

My Queen, word on the street  
You got John Wick, and this crew about to take the heat  
Yeah, I know  
Gee we donít back down or off, we stand our ground and let the bullets flow  
I got a million dollar cash marker, stashed and gagged in my basement  
That fuck was not going down quiet he was relent  
Throwing bricks
Then knives, dodging my shell casings evading my Glock hits  
My Queen your arm is bleeding  
It's a flesh wound, and this is nothing compared to what we will heeding or needing  

Have my boys ready to move out, and no hero tricks  
We have to escort across several state lines, John Wick  
Gee, we may need more eyes for a lookout  
I have politicians in New York, Florida, the ATL, and Cuba in my pocket but other states I do not know about that clout  
Everybody from the drug dealer, Kingpins, to the common thug  
Is going to come after us for the captive reward and fuck that honor among thieves love  
My Queen, think, other than this crew, who do you trust  
Hum... someone, who money does not make their mind lust  
When transporting cargo for a payoff and can assist me incognito to evade a po-po disrupt †

I know... Me  
Yeah, my Queen, I got your back and that's our live or die creed  
No... I mean someone, like I ..Is..  
Me dammit, I need you to get on the horn and track his ass down and tell him the Queen needs a favor, pronto  
I need to know which way the wind is going to blow  
And safe passage to and flo  
We need a decoy  
Tell him to bring all his boys  
And I will supply the firepower, grenades and my government issued high-powered toys  

I need that info related back to me tonight  
My Queen, why don't we just take the jet, I think we will be alright  
And get clipped out the sky while in midflight  
I already have the Italian mafia on this ass  
Letís make this move count and make it profitable so we can watch the money pile up real fast.  
My Queen, can you rely on this guy  
Like a Hawk with wings to fly  

Then done deal, my Queen
Written by The_Nun_Runner
Published | Edited 28th Jan 2023
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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