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Image for the poem Mm.. Soft And Wet

Mm.. Soft And Wet

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel
2 E 61 St
New York, NY, 10065
Grand Two Bedroom King Suite City View

Licking my lips for the handsome man who in front of me stands
Looking like a smooth talking Adonis, about to give him a feel of my wet Candyland
Once you let me in would you like me to unloop the belt to my trench coat
You have gotten farther than most
Dropping my covering to my feet
From that approving whistle I will assume you like what you see
Seductively rubbing up my thighs, over my lace garter, his eyes not wavering in my visual tease
His mighty hands pushing down my crotchless panties
Unsnapping my black bra, nipples perking, his tongue kissing over my breast like we’re now in a hot fantasy

Mm… handsome one, is that your hands I feel rolling over my ass
Yes, I would like to turn around you do not even have to ask
After accepting my offering, giving him a butt wiggle, a little twerk
Imagining how my tight pussy would feel coveting his throbbing dick while my sugar walls milking his erection for all its worth
My hips gripped, his girth pounding my g-spot waiting for that gushing squirt
Oh yes, his fingers feel so good while easing inside me
I would like to see your bedroom, please
Imagining my thighs dangling over his broad shoulders
Sweet mercy, a little positional Karma Sutra while moaning from our bodies sweating from midnight yoga
Softly biting down on my lip after feeling the stands of that beard between pampering my skin
My fingers, self-pleasing jiggling them deeper in
Back arched, know he is pumping his dick for the natural of his surmise
My pussy and mouth, with him no compromise
I have nowhere to go, living on the edge of his addictive loving until the sunrise
Sundown, back in his arms
Falling for the foreign accent and his dirty charms
A quick kiss to my lips to let me know tonight I will be his naughty tease
Smearing my taste upon my lips
It feels even better once he’s slurping all up in my honeypot with his dick
Grabbing my hand rushing us back to his master bedroom
Laying on his silk sheets, telling me he likes the fragrance of my perfume
On his knees, sniffing the ingress of this sweet treat, his fingers and tongue making room
Closing my eyes, palming his head, slowly gyrating as his mouthing is satisfying me in stride
Sandwiching my breasts, legs enclosing the sides of his cheeks, weakening me on his tongue ride
Hoisting himself up
My legs opening wider he’s about to dive in the chasm of my dewy lover’s cup
Linking my arms around his neck, his body so warm, our tongues bonding, twisting
Our sweaty naked bodies shifting
The sounds of thunder in the distance, lightning illuminating the bedroom in and out
Nothing could make me leave this moment as he’s branding the calling of his name all in my wet South
Oh...fuck…don’t make me cum, not just yet
He feels too good marinating in my soft wet
Purring, moaning, his grunting calling to the skies
What a blissful work of art when he’s coasting between my thighs    
My body seesawing against his losing ground  
Oh God...move that dick inside me harder, circling the width around and around  
Rendering me senseless, without breath, as we relish pound for pound  
Gripping him tighter, loving such sweet suctioning sounds  
Lips to lips    
Blindly gyrating my curvaceous hips    
Thrusting, anchoring for my sweet dip  
Tongue licks bathing my nipples, ever so slow      
Dick gyrating in comfort, weakening my body from the languish flow      
Getting addicted from his wondrous gift  
Plummeting deeper and deeper for that core elongation hit  
Hard groin mating against my pelvis, better than a wet dream  
Scratching his back, mmm…making my butter rum slowly cream  
Cupping my buttocks his erection thrashing inside, making me whimper, scream  
Oh God don’t stop... yes... yes
Mm... deeper… deeper, fuck the shit out of this wet nest
Putting both legs behind my head, oh dammm
Climaxing again, his release joining in the oozing stream... mmm this man
His sweat droplet drooling down his back, reeking from his handsome face
Slowing his pace, yet, thrusting in the sloppiness of my tight space  
Spend the weekend with me
You know how this works, my love, its my lunchtime. and I am only here to tease and please
And I know you like the thrills from my mouth.. sweet mercy, you be grunting when I'm down on my knees
Then I’m gone
Yeah, leaving me in a damn expensive hotel suite I paid for, still fucking hard and all alone
Mm.. you look so handsome.. looking down...  oh and with that hard bone
Hold the fuck up.. You just gonna leave me like this
Its makes the next time between you and I a pleasurable gift
Mmm... same time next week
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 21st Jan 2023
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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