The Daily Mail's agenda, transparently obvious and evidently hateful in detail, simply carries on regardless!

By Stanley Collymore

So why then does such a surfeit
of Britons patently along with
their self-evidently basically
genocidally acquired dominions and
still rather barbarically today, white
controlled countries, along with the
likewise, entrenched mindset these
prats still daftly hold, in the in 21sr
Century; undeniably like the quite
distinctly, asininely apprised then
and still today similarly regarded
as such - delusional Terra nullius
Australia; New Zealand, likewise
Canada and significantly as well
significant elements discernibly
ensconsed, within the USA; and
so-called kin apparently, to this
innumerable plethora of white
British bastardy, acting as they
actually nonsensically do; and
literally easily and readily fall
for this vile sort of irrefutably
incessant Daily Mail bullshit?

Well the simple answer, quite
obviously to sensible, logical
and evidently also crucially
intelligent folk similarly capable of
evidently thinking for themselves,
and who discernibly, aren't in the
least intellectually challenged or
morons, clearly either routinely
brainwashed, or phenomenally
braindead, and quite distinctly
as well basically neither white
Karens, nor their like-minded
male Gammons is that rather
significant numbers, of these
people are indisputably plus
invariably likewise, actually
from their birth, manifestly
totally brainwashed, sheep;
obviously can not think for
themselves and essentially
therefore when effectively
evilly hate sponsored rags
like the Daily Mail, exhort
them to literally fatuously
get essentially, riled up at
something these cunts do.

Basically controlled trolling prats
quite specifically as well, people
regarded by their vile, odiously
evil and graspingly avaricious hacks
whom these toxic pillocks evidently
rather incessantly and distinctively
obssess about, clearly indisputably
so for instance Meghan and Harry,
these irrefutably uneducated, and
thoroughly lowlife sods, naturally
laughably, were it not so relevant
and patently, serious; ludicrously
so, and actually instinctively also
to their basically unquestionably
and similarly, allegedly superior
monarchical Windsors, and also
hereditary superiors, obligingly
rather unquestioningly comply!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
19 January 2023.

Author's Remarks:
There's an old and often sagaciously used Barbadian saying which I have most thankfully, quite gratefully and likewise quite sensibly also similarly distinctly logically, had inculcated in me ever since my earliest childhood, and which I've most assiduously and intelligently, rather fittingly adhered to throughout my life; specifically so when belligerent ignorance coupled with endemically reinforced hatred, perniciously, and rather egregiously contrived by very evilly, maliciously intellectually challenged sorts essay to get in our Bajan way.

And it resolves most fittingly around evidently odious and cantankerously malevolent farmyard type behaviour as is distinctly and rather obsessively most asininely decidedly exhibited by right-wing and Nazi rags, distinctively like the Daily Mail, Daily Express also the Telegraph, and Rupert Murdoch's stable of likeminded rags; graspingly avaricious and bereft of any genuine characteristics one would be literally quite hard pressed, to even remotely label either as human, or discernibly commendable, evidently on the part of the hacks that distinctly obligingly work for these indubitably, toxically verminous media cesspits.

And that quite elucidating Barbadian proverb is this: "Always give a rogue hog enough neck rope, then stoically and distinctly pleasurably stand back and observe it inevitably hang itself!" Quite observant of life and, similarly so, very commendably discernibly of people also, are us Bajans!
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