Today May Get Fatey

It was the kind of day you step in front of traffic, then dare fate to fold you up in newspaper headlines.

Oh dreams came true alright, but you should have dreamed about not being a foolhardy dreamer; who can know these things.

Your mind is an ashtray full of stumped out intentions, it’s overflowing and starting to look like a barrel cactus.  And you’re in just the right kind of mood, to burn another one down.

Your eyes slowly break open and you realize how much you look forward to that double shot of communal antacid and how much you dread pouring yourself out onto the sidewalk for the morning bath of bright light.  Today the dream is for a life in black and white.

Some days are better than others and this one is exceptional.  If overwhelmed and heartbroken had a love child it’d have been born this morning at 6:30 when you tore through a placenta of bedsheets.

But lust is on the menu today.  It rarely doesn’t cause more problems, but having a little fun is not nothing.  And it’s always easier to rally when excitement lies ahead.  Creativity will have to be the secret sauce because you’ve gone and earned yourself a “reputation”.   The last thing on her mind would be to see your stupid face today.  Perfect.

Now to pre-clarify, a simple plan doesn’t mean a good plan necessarily.  And this may have been neither, but good is a matter of perspective.  Bad, well that’s easier to identify post mortem.  Does it mean a man is no good, if nothing good comes from his actions or do intentions get any recognition?  Asking for a friend.

Some things a man does just for himself.  No need for others to know about the challenge or triumph; it’s an integrity thing; this wasn’t one of those.  This was more of a “gratuitous excitement” kind if thing.  

You have have a customary pre-action thought of caution: sometimes fate just isn’t reasonable.  But of course there’s no mystery in reason, so who needs it anyway.  A wise man once said “just because you can, doesnt mean you should”.  Unfortunately that works the other way too.  

By tonight fate may finally be finished toying with you and tomorrow you’ll be a tabloid front page.  She used to say “morning is for thinking, the nighttime is for feeling.”  It’s 4 seconds to midnight somewhere; you better get moving.  But not before firing up another coffin nail.
Written by Nilknarfar
Published | Edited 15th Jan 2023
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