Tossed Up

K-Dog rolled through bragging that he had just made a new contact
This bitch had the oxy, the perc, the meth, the bitch even had the xanax
Dog had that powder, I mean that real come and get it boy
Motherfucking fish scales surfing the waves, that real ship ahoy

He went into his stash for half and got the rest on face
Knowing that the hood would be jumping through hoops when they got a taste
Rooms were rented, microwave ovens rolling non fucking stop
Backyard sheds processing his meth also around the clock

K-Dog became the man, I mean like the head of a corporation
Bikes with saddlebags were coming and going from across the nation
New rides and old ones but you had to know the combination
Corporation is sniffing Dog's shit, he's trying to feed the hood nation

Motherfuckers have work and bitches are working
Cars and houses are being brought and strippers are twerking
Fucking gangs are settling down, everybody's eating now
If you need a little something extra just grab a few extra pounds

The only way to do business is face to face, fucking hand covering mouth
Coming around with those cell phones might get your ass taken out
K-Dog hit me up and said, "Transporter something is on the wind"
He said, "meet me at the club tonight I need to clue you in

As I said everyone is breaking bread, no aggression is shown
But jealousy is a bitch always looking for a brand new home
K-Dog didn't just control the flow, he had a bitch that was bad to the bone
Both pussy and mouth trained to shine a dick like fucking chrome

Dog met me at the club talking crazy about getting shit in line
He said there's a snake in my fucking grass like he was out of his dam mind
I tried to assure him that everything was to good to ever fuck shit up
He said his dope and money were getting touched and his pussy was getting fucked

And I'm thinking to myself just what the fuck does Dog know
K-Dog shouted, "be careful Transporter before he backed out of the door"
I worried for my friend as his lady walked towards me parting the dance floor
She walked up and whispered into my ear, "are you man enough to take some more"

She was in line with the man, shit she was smelling like RICO
She was talking like I was pinching the money and leaving the pussy sore
She said you should had fucked me when I offered you the pussy
She said I told K-Dog it was you who was getting the pussy

She was wearing everything designed to compliment, she even bit my ear
I looked at her with surprise as she handed me a satchel saying "here"
With her other hand massaging my dick and balls, I honestly didn't have a clue
She sent me outside to my surprise, to K-Dog and his boys doing what killer do            
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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