Image for the poem Wheelsong Books Press Release: Symphoniya de Toska Book One.

Wheelsong Books Press Release: Symphoniya de Toska Book One.

As the title of Marten Hoyle's debut collection implies, this is the first book in what is destined to become an epic trilogy that Wheelsong Books will be publishing in 2023. It is a thrilling collection of poetry that tells the story of a young lover who will die and then find love anew in the underworld.

In the first instalment of his Epic Trilogy, Symphoniya de Toska: Book One will relate a tragic story of infidelity that reaches the sorrowful conclusion of suicide. Read as a sequence, the poems tell the sad story of love, longing and loss; life and death, regret and rebirth. Read individually, or in no particularly assigned sequence, each poem tells a tragedy of its own in a world of insanity and unrequited love. Written in a dark romantic style, the poetry of Symphoniya de Toska is bound to thrill, surprise and inspire in equal measure.

Book One will be published on January 19, 2023 - the birthday of the American writer Edgar Allen Poe. A further two volumes will be published later in 2023.

Marten Hoyle is the name assigned to a Literary Endeavour based at The Eglantine Home for the Poetically Unsound in the United States. The Project is held anonymously in the keeping of a being known as Vate C. Carmen.

Hearts in Formaldehyde

Hearts in formaldehyde—

Growing fonder by decay.

If I die, I would be going home

Just like when I’m holding you.

All around me, petals turn,

And the dead birds sing

In a cloudless storm

That speaks without a sky.

All I know and all I see

Is the way our hearts should be.

Perhaps it is the ache my soul adores,

Side-by-side on separate shores;

Of all the drowned

I thought I could be the sweetest.

But what slipped through my fingertips

Was the hope I held.

All I know and all I see

Is the way our hearts should be.

Perhaps it is the ache my soul adores,

Side-by-side on separate shores.

© Marten Hoyle, 2023

Praise for Symphoniya de Toska: Book One

"Marten Hoyle's Symphonia de Toska takes readers on a dark, twisted yet romantic journey brimming with meaningful shadows, rich in love and romance. Hoyle makes from such concepts as darkness, disappearance, and death, a fecund space for original beauty and a permanent abode for the poetic explosions of the aspiring soul beyond its existential circumstances. In a nutshell, Marten's poetry appears to draw upon the dark depths of Mankind and bespeaks the romantic realm along with the metaphysical and the philosophical touches that it encapsulates."

--Rafik Romdhani (Author of Dance of the Metaphors and Rough Roads)

"In a world where anyone can write a poem, it is a rarity when you come across poetry in its rawest form. Marten Hoyle has taken his love for the written word to its romantically darkest limits and this first of his trilogy is no exception. Good intense poetry should make you think, make you feel, but more importantly, make you bleed, and Marten’s cutting edge writing will do just that.

He has taken his deepest, personal tragedies and heartbreak and transferred them to the written page in such a way that you feel it under your skin as you read. As much pain, anguish, and loss you encounter in his poetry, you will come face to face with something you would not expect. An underlying tone of a survivor.

His words will make you bleed, yes, but whatever bleeds, has a tendency to heal. Baudelaire did it. Poe did it. It is now Hoyle’s time. Read his poems. Enter his world. His anguish may just heal you. A lot of people may not understand this, but survivors like Mr. Hoyle do. "

--Rick Powell (Poet and author)

"You just can’t leave it there… this is poetry on a whole new level. The darkness is so romanticized, it lifts up your spirit. Not only do I want to read more, it’s a case of I need to feel these words consume me over and over again… A most powerful book of poetry to warm your heart and keep your mind constantly grinding."

--Charlene Phare (Founder of Pure Poetry Group and author of Cobalt Skies)

 "A thundering first collection from an accomplished new writer. Hoyle's work speaks directly to the reader inviting them to the grand forest in his heart and mind."

--Genevieve Ray (Poet and writer)

"Reading Symphonia de Toska offers a catharsis. Hoyle invites us to the cutting edge of yearning, leaving only "A silence that bleeds on everyone ..."

--Jane Newberry (Author of Hoyden's Trove)

"For many of us a lost love is comparable to a death, ardor exemplified in a funeral pyre. What we find in Marten Hoyle’s poems of separation, however, takes us beyond this point and into an afterlife where “dead birds sing” and the heart returns to the home of a loved one. I highly recommend this collection, the first in a planned folio."

--Tom Cleary (Poet and writer)

Paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions of Symphoniya de Toska: Book One will be available to purchase online via Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, India, Turkey, United Aran Emirates, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. Paperbacks will also be available through book store chains including Waterstones (UK), Wantitall (South Africa) and Barnes and Noble (USA).

Link to Press Release on the Official Wheelsong Books website.
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