Questions About The Bible And Christianity Continues

Did the writers of the scriptures intend to write a book called the Holy Bible?
Can anybody prove that these men wrote the Bible by divine inspiration?
Since other religious manuscripts existed, who decided which writings God inspired?
Were the persons who compiled and printed the first Bible true Christians?

Does the love of money always motivate all persons to do every evil act?
Is the love of money really the root of all evil things as the Bible states?
Did the writer of this text not consider molestation and rape to be evil acts?
Does the love of money motivate a man to rape a woman or molest a child?

Is every sin that a person commits outside the body except sexual immorality?
What about drug abuse, body piercing, drunkenness, and self-inflicted injury?
Are these things not sinful practices in the eyes of God and Christians?
Does a person not wilfully commit these sins against his or her own body?

Why did Paul speak unfavourably of men with long hair at 1 Corinthians 11: 14?
Does any verse in Judges chapter 13-16 say Samsonís hair is a dishonour to him?
Did Solomon speak negatively about a manís locks in Songs of Solomon 5: 2, 11?
Do these scriptures harmonize with Paulís opinion about men with long hair?

Can imperfect humans follow every command, law, and principle in the Bible?
Who can decide that some parts of the Old Testament are no longer valid?
Is the New Testament the most important and reliable section of the Bible?
Why do some Christians prefer the New Testament to the Old Testament?

Does God force people to worship him or does he let us worship him by choice?
Why were religious laws and religion foisted on the people of ancient Israel?
If this is wrong today, why does the Bible say that God supported it in the past?
How could the passing of years change something that was right to wrong?
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Author's Note
These are serious questions.
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