evolution relies upon death for evolvement
peace is a delusion get involved man
female choosing
the illusion
in abusing institution
if its the truth you seek
we got no rights only shrooms got the freedom to speak
get ya doom to the beat
as i sought the concrete
and put the vile
paedophile on trial
and pile
their restless
in the death-sesh
of senseless
no contestants
the remenents got lended
descended defenders ascended
the remedy of enemy
the vanity of potency
you reminiscing
to the funky dissing
the blind mind
claim to seek divine sign
the vain reeks of self caused dying
beats, beasts and sheets
you fucking freak show
get blow with the mind tow
ghost is close
on floor is the most
self boast
equals sequel
self roast
ya brains toast
no holy ghost
on the north coast
no woken among the broken
may death come
for the deaf son in gun run
shun the sun
martyrdom gone sodom
get gone or get gekko with endo
cracking that lacking sweet innocence
creed out of remenents
vendetta, arrow, bomb and beretta
murdah, lay and shake as i hurt ya
you relish the selfish
get fucked by the devilish
get stunned out gunned on pride get down hun
dwell spell mind hell
cast from brujeria the incel
so yell and shake
take the late fate
skull quake
you all are getting cleansed by the drake
that out of hate shall turn most hated
no place on the sphere
for those that always speak but it leads nowhere
might as well destroy the atmosphere
see clear
create a hierachy out of insight
let thoughts for a moment hold might
and watch the roach try to coach
you away from reality
they depend on a nation in insanity
but they also depend on a 100 against one
they need you lonesome and not grown
no home or safe zone
so break the broken
who fears the outspoken
collect the token
of wisdom no one needs
lead the seed
away from norways creed
stay and bleed
shit on the rag of red white and blue
burn the flag before it suffocates you
stay true to value
blind discipline
is for those that could know every thing
the sin of a system
dont listen
fucking ism

Written by sublime_rhymes
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