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Stand up

Iím so tired of these bitches, theyíre envious and fake.

Theyíll smile in your face and then cut the line of your brakes.

They'll fucking talk shit and then call you a bitch.

Once you go at 'em they'll switch up real quick and they become the fucking snitch.

Havenít they heard of ďsnitches get stitchesĒ I guess not because they donít have a goddamn witness?

A bitch wants to moan and complain about suicide, slit your wrist bitch, and actually fucking die.

She wants me to apologize, yet she canít even fucking socialize.

She talks a lot of fucking shit, but canít take the heat. look, it's some weak ass dog meat.

Itís open range, throw her in the cage And win this fucking race.

She doesnít even know that people will rise up, once they rise they wonít ever give the fuck up.

They call me insensitive but itís the fact Iím intuitive, what Iím doing is telling the truth and showing how it really is.

Whatís wrong with weeping willow? Why all the fucking tears?

Life fucks you hard and it wonít stop.

you gotta rise up and head for the top.

Thereís only one way and itís goin up, but in order to get out, you need to sit down and shut the fuck up.

You hit rock bottom then you laugh while you weep, You get the fuck up instead of getting on your knees.

You canít just say you wanna commit suicide.
you keep saying it more than making the sacrifice.

If You use it for an attention grab, your gonna end up really fucking bad and actually fucking do it and no oneís gonna give a damn.

Have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? The villagers found it rude.

He used it too much and ended up being dog food.

So quit your fucking attitude!

Have you noticed the people that were silent about it, actually ended up doing something about it?

Of course not because you donít give a damn, cuz you only care about the pity-ass attention grab.

Allow me to tell you about a girl that actually did it, she wept so much and said fuck it Iíll end it.

Poured herself a cup of bleach, man did that shit reek. The taste fucking sucked and it wasnít even meek.

Try recovering from it, and the next day someone watched the take, thinking it was water

ďoh you're lying, thatís fake!Ē

The smell was fucking terrible, and the taste was even worse try tasting the flavor of chemicals and blood down your fucking throat.

2 minutes later she took some goddamn pills next thing she knew her soul wasnít even there.

Unconscious and still tasting blood.

People weren't thankful the doctor was there on a dime
hoisting her up and speeding in the nick of time.

She shared her story in confidence and bravery.

But the choice she made was totally un-fucking-savory..

The story she told her enemies was a flag of truce, but they all turned around and sent a

gif of bleach yelling out ďhere Lenore, pour yourself some fucking juice.Ē

And you tell me that Iím fucked up for wishing her ill?


 I was the one that took the pillsÖ
Written by Tammy_Lynn (Tammy Lynn)
Author's Note
This is a true story about myself, I was hurting and I felt alone. my only coping skill was just making a rap about what happened, this is one of my darkest pieces of work.

I was afraid to share this with people, so I never really published it.
I'm opening the gates to hell, welcome to my only dark paradise.


All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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