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Ride Kitty Ride

"Here Sweet Kitty Cat," went out on wanted posters far and wide
There was a five hundred dollar bounty placed on her hide
Butch and Sundance, and the James gang had all set out on separate rides
But they aren't the only ones hoping that they and Sweet Kitty Cat will collide
Dillinger and his gang is on Sweet Kitty Cat's tracks
But it's not the five hundred dollar bounty, it's what she's carrying in back
But this Sweet Kitty is such a smart and courageous one
She blast out of all thong holes like a fucking shotgun

She's on the run and knows that Dillinger is in hot pursuit
She's not going to be a gangbang for a handsome one in a two piece suit
One by one she's back tracking and picking their asses off
She allowed one to eat some butter rum up in a motherfucking hay loft

Hidden behind a barn, even in the brush behind a cactus
Dilliger said, "gang I don't know what it is that is steadily attacking us"
With the aroma of Sweet Kitty's butter rum floating everywhere
Every man was armed, dick and pistol pointing into the air

Dillinger started out with thirteen, now he has only five sitting there
Each longing to trail his tongue through Sweet Kitty Cat's downy hair
Two more went missing while pulling night watch
While Dillinger and the other two slept with their hands in their crotch

Lil Joe left to fetch water and was taken harder than anyone leaving this world
Dillinger and his last man listened to the screaming as Kitty made his toes curl
Dillinger had to decide if his life was worth a butter rum flavor fuck
When Sweet Kitty walked out of the shadows, Dillinger told his last man to posse up

Just as they were about to excute an escape of their very own
They were attacked from the back and from the motherfucking front
While Dillinger worked two forty-fives, his last man blasted a sawed off pump
Sweet Kitty like Billy The Kid was squeezing a forty-four while smoking a blunt

She quickly joined forces with John and his last living man, the becoming a brand new band
While saddling up the last man was blown out of the saddle with his dick in the sand
Now it was down to John and Sweet Kitty Cat cutting through the brush
Thinking of only one thing, putting some distance between them and us

But Dillinger wasn't lost he knew where there was an abandoned mine
His gang used it often, not only was it homey, it was hard to find
Because of the shaft in back he could hear horse approaching for miles
He could set up house with Sweet Kitty and lay low for awhile

Sweet Kitty Cat came up into that mine and made herself right at home
She told John that she needed a bathroom with running water and a fucking telephone
A queen sized bed with fucking silk sheet, mirrors on the ceiling so he could have a peek
John did her bidding this lady in red was a natural born freak, a night in her bed wasn't for the weak

But now John was done with doing as he was told
He grabbed Sweet Kitty Cat by the ass and used his tongue to mine for gold
Sweet Kitty opened up wider with one leg up on the cave wall
John went face all in praying for a waterfall

But Sweet Kitty paused the action, went over to her saddlebag retreiving a jar of honey
In the middle of that queen size bed she made his ass eat her honey
With both heels behnd her head he feed her pussy hard fucking tongue
He alternated between the two holes until he tasted the butter rum

Sweet Kitty forced his ass back and poured honey all over his head
John's toes slowly curled as she slowly swallowed his head
She pulled his dick out of throat as hard as iron ore
Then climb up on it and rode until his balls were sore

Steady riding him deeper Sweet kitty threw her head back as she squirted cum
She slowly lifted off of John's dick but the butter rum continued to run
She cleaned up up his dick and balls  with long slurps to make them last
And while both looked up at the mirror, she rode him hard and fucking fast

She allowed him to finish with a blast in the walls of her tight ass
It was excellent timing, because John could hear horses headed up the pass
John attempted to escape the canyon with his exciting new lover
But in a hail of bullets, he fled back into the mine screaming, "dammit, take cover!"      

Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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