The Ledge

Every day I:
- Pick up my ball and chain
- Leave the house that holds me back
- Drive to the city that wants to buy my soul
- Take the elevator to the umpteenth floor
- Sit at a desk that stands for everything I hate
And looking straight ahead from my computer driven dungeon, I see Ö The Ledge
The Ledge, that is thirty inches of concrete outside of an old time window
That is the only thing stopping one from falling to their death
I walk to the window every day
I open it, look down, and see the people below
Hustling and bustling to survive another day
I wonder what it is that makes them happy
Every day is the same heartless grind
Work hard so rich people get richer
I want to get out, I want to be happy
I just donít know what happy is
But, today feels different
Somethingís going to change
I just know I canít take this anymore
Something will happen that will make me happy
From my desk I hear birds singing
I look up and see birds on the ledge
Their singing is the most beautiful sound
That I have ever heard
I go to the window, open it, and look out past the ledge
I see bright sunlight over the tops of mountains
There are forests at the bottom of the mountains
And a river that runs from the mountains to a large lake
On the shore of the lake there is a fishing boat
The fishing boat is at the end of a beautiful lawn
On the lawn there are deer and rabbits eating the grass
And they donít have a care in the world
There is a rugged log cabin  
That looks like it is built to last forever
It has a big porch, and a hound is sleeping on it
I donít know how, but I know his name is Eden
At my feet is a stream with clear, cold water
I have to cross the stream to get to the cabin
I take a step into the stream
I slip, and my head hits a rock in the stream
It was stupid of me to not have looked closer
Now I will have a headache the rest of the day
My clothes are wet, and I am cold
But now I know what happy feels like
As I walk to the cabin, Eden wakes up and runs to me
We are the best of friends
I see a sign by the door of the cabin that says Paradise
Of course, I always knew this was paradise
All I ever had to do was to go to the ledge  
And take the step that took me to Paradise
Written by dark_horizons
Published | Edited 30th Dec 2022
Author's Note
Story about how one person found a way to leave the world he hated, and got to the paradise that he didn't even know existed.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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