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The Uprising Of The Black Man In A Forgotten Society With Poet REMARKABLE_8

If you are just now just tuning into my Straight Talk Live forum, I would like to introduce to everyone Poet REMARKABLE_8. He will advocate with his voice what it details to be an African American man in society and some of the myths and complexities he must face to survive in a world that does not dutifully cater to his wishes or provide the necessities of his needs.        
A superficial state of existence not by choice but my designs going back as far as when the Constitution was first drafted.        
Before we get started, REMARKABLE_8, can you give the readers a broader view of who you are and how you came about writing poetry in several genres.        
Nice to meet you!        
Everyone understand, for and foremost, I started writing, as a form of release, and to also express my views of life as I see it!! Hopefully, giving some positive advice or insight within the poems I write!!
Thank you, REMARKABLE_8 for taking the time to address my questions, which pertains to the past, present, and as a united people can shape the dynamic of African Americans' future.        
As of recent new developments on a national and international scale there are so many topics to discuss in general so I will pose the most critical matters of interest to you.        
How do you feel about Kanye West in relative speaking, which by his peers, he was condemned as being Antisemitic, his verbal input in the world of entertainment is bought and paid for to be submissive when relating his personal view, and one, by the Jewish community. His concerns is coming under scrutiny for the Jewish pyramid in the media sector and their main agenda to infest the improvised neighbors with rap music, desensitize as a form of degrading the core values of the African American communities and a diabolical plan to sway the mindset away from the religion aspect on what your opinion as what the core value should be as an African American and not for what we are portrayed as in films or in the backdrop of the music industry; a drug dealer, hustler, incarcerated, an absence father, or gay.        
In addition, should we listen to Kayne West’s opinions at best or continue to support his freedom of speech, by not suppressing or lessening his morality as an entertainer who is being systematically punished, by the same elite who placed him in power.        
I agree with him!! He is right because, he can't be antisemitic!! Because look at the definition of antisemitism!! And tell me what does it really mean?        
Well according to Wikipedia, the word Antisemitic means as following;        
Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) It is hostility to, prejudice towards, or discrimination against Jews. A person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. Antisemitism is a form of racism. (        
Also, all of America! Is under control like the Medici!!        
If you are speaking in the Medici Bank before we go on, allow me to insert a relevant piece of information here, my poet for those who are not familiar with who the Medici family is and their influence power and wealth.        
The House of Medici (was an Italian banking family and political dynasty that first began to gather prominence under Cosimo de' Medici, in the Republic of Florence during the first half of the 15th century. The family originated in the Mugello region of Tuscany and prospered gradually until it was able to fund the Medici Bank. This bank was the largest in Europe during the 15th century and facilitated the Medicis' rise to political power in Florence, although they officially remained citizens rather than monarchs until the 16th century.        
The Medici produced four popes of the Catholic Church—Pope Leo X (1513–1521), Pope Clement VII (1523–1534), Pope Pius IV (1559–1565)[5] and Pope Leo XI (1605)—and two queens of France—Catherine de' Medici (1547–1559) and Marie de' Medici (1600–1610).[6] In 1532, the family acquired the hereditary title Duke of Florence. In 1569, the duchy was elevated to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany after territorial expansion. The Medici ruled the Grand Duchy from its inception until 1737, with the death of Gian Gastone de' Medici. The grand duchy witnessed degrees of economic growth under the early grand dukes, but was bankrupt by the time of Cosimo III de' Medici (r. 1670–1723).        
As you were saying, REMARKABLE_8, please continue        
Thousands of year-old families, who sit above the Vatican!! And also, the Vatican who sits above the financial groups, like vanguard! And Blackrock!! And vanguard sits above Vladimir Putin!! Kim Jong um!! Also, Joe Biden!! And Ari Emanuel falls under them, then comes Hollywood!! Which is used as a first line defense for the C.I.A.!! This is how mind control and MK, Ultra comes into play, to control the masses in America!        
Do you think Kyrie Irving should have been reprimanded as harshly for tweeting a link in his own defense for people to investigate the truth when the rites of ownership to the movie he tweeted was produced by someone of Jewish descent. And is there a double standard when you have Brent Favre, who is being accused of stealing millions from Mississippi Department Of Human Service, money used to treat needy families. Should there be restrictions for Brent Favre, other than an investigation. Should the volleyball college stadium his daughter plays in be dismantled. He is being accused of siphoning eight million dollars and five million directly given in relation to its construction, should his NFL pension get stripped for repayment, jail time, or a simply a slap on the wrist, and if convicted, should he be allowed to pay restitution and home incarceration.        
No, I don't think Kyrie Irving should be reprimanded at all!! He is only giving us positive and good info so we as entrepreneurs don't get taken by the industry!! Or bamboozled by the industry or agents of the industry!! Also, how can Jewish people make movies of other cultures and comment on other cultures because they will never let Americans make a movie about their culture, religion or anything else they can think of!!  See this is a double standard!!! They can have the whole world remember their Holocaust!! And it's ok! When the black man asks for the same thing, so we are not doomed to repeat our same mistakes, they say we are preaching hate!! See for Jewish people it’s called remembrance!! When they preach hate against Germans and Soviets!! But when we talk about the brutality we experience in America by white Americans they say we are preaching hate!! We need to fix these points of views and standards!!        
What are your thoughts on the two part question.        
Brent Favre?? In his situation it is definitely a double standard, because he is not a Blackman, or Afro-American, or whatever title they want to label us as Hebrew Israelite people!!  I think they should dismantle the college volleyball team!! His pension should be used to payback, all those he stole from!! And yes, if convicted he should face mandatory jail time!! Not home incarceration!! With no privileges at all!!!
Do you think slavery is the culprit in the downfall among African American men and do you see our lineage ever putting down the guns and picking up their core to their most gifted intellect.        
I ask this question in lieu, because so many other nationalities are coming together on a global scale to be the proprietor and not the consumers. We spend the most when it pertains to commerce but have very little to show when it comes to ownership, home, business, or real estate.  How can we turn this ideology around to start planning for our immediate uprising, as we once thrived when as noted by the historians who researched the citizens in Tulsa, known here today as Black Wall Street history.        
Slavery is the culprit!! Yes, I absolutely agree with you!! Because we as a people never know the truth!! We've been taught, our history began with slavery!! From the fifth grade and church all the way up to adults!! Also, we've been taught that we were gentiles, nobody's!! Children of God!!! With no idea where we come from? See in the Bible their 18 nations in the book which one do we come from?? This is why all the other nations are capitalizing on us as a people?? Make us the number 1 consumers of everything!!! Keeping us separated and always competing with one another instead of trying to help build up each other!!! Just like back in slavery days!!! When they made us kill each other for sport or entertainment!! They all seem to agree that we are nothing more than consumer’s, entertainers, criminals, thugs, laborers, etc.....        
This is why we are in the state we are in God help us all!!!!        
Do you think schools should be upheld to teach the five elements of Critical Race Theory in school?        
Race is socially constructed, not biologically natural, racism in the United States is normal, not aberrational, “interest convergence” or “material determinism,” members of minority groups periodically undergo “differential racialization, according to the thesis of “intersectionality” or “antiessentialism,”        
Everyone has a history some more distorted than others. In addition, these academic lessons would allow others to recognize the contribution made by others instead of most who want to suppress such valuable mental teaching perceptions and concepts. The history of the African American male or female should not have to rest upon racism, bigotry, or segregation, or a dark past of skills that patents were stolen both in great recognitions by; science, music, and the inventions of everyday items we used here today in order to give credit where is not due, Christopher Columbus, who did not discover America, and other false myths found scholastic teaching books.        
Yes, I think schools should teach students the real true American History as it pertains to all of us as Americans living here in America!!! Whether it be African native American Haitian, Jamaican, Puerto Rican! Etc..... we all had a part in building America and making it the nation that it stands for!! If we erase our parts in the building of America, then all we are saying is that as a race of people we never ever really mattered as human beings to the face of white supremacy and white America all we were and still are, is just human cattle meant to be labored and slaughtered as they see fit!!! Which is blasphemy, a spit in the face to our humanity as human beings failed to be recognized and respected with honor and dignity!!  This is why you had incidents like Tulsa Oklahoma, Black Wall Street Massacre!! Rosewood!! Lake Eerie!! Central Park, La Riots!!! Etc..... we need our own neighborhood security like most white communities have in their neighborhood!!        
We need to start building our own military to fight for us and start back opening our own banks again!! Even though they destroyed the ones we had in the past!! We can rebuild moving forward without forgetting about our past like the Jewish people!! Build our own schools and colleges to teach our history so we can know we're going future wise!! And so, we can stop killing each other like it’s a sport!! Or some sort of entertainment for the elite white supremacist among us in America trying to cloak themselves hiding in the shadows!!
Do you think the doctors during the Tuskegee Experiment trial should have been arrested? There were four hundred African American men who were deceived and who were never informed of their syphilis diagnosis. In that study over one hundred men died, and children were born with congenital birth defects from the result of that. Fast forward, here today, recreational drugs are permeating the African American communities, the incarceration is more times higher for men of color and, there seems to be no unity within some households, or no presence of a man.        
Yes, I absolutely agree that all the doctors in that Tuskegee experiment should have been thrown in jail!! Under the jail and throw away the key!! See, ever since America first took precedence as a country, we have been their guinea pigs like, lab rats, or lab monkeys!!        
The Clinton's apologized for orchestrating the Demise of over 150 thousand Guatemalan people purposely giving them herpes, Hepatitis C! Chlamydia and all sorts of diseases look up all facts!! Also Dr. Fauci another responsible for Covid 19!! And is now just decided to retire after 50 years of conducting his science experiments on animals, people, and anything else they can find!!! We as Americans need to hold our government accountable for all their misconduct and mistreatment on humanity period!!
Regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci, be advised he does hold the patents to SARS-Cov-2 is HIV and several patents to the treatments of HIV        
How far have really come to being the test subject to living as the direct product like the minds are still unlocked, as a people in its eternity, as we are afraid to surpass that glass ceiling, we have encased our presence in for so long. Refusing to build for the future of our people, where we can thrive as any other race and take care of our families by teaching them the hidden truth of their past.        
Until we do and stop accepting handouts from them like Food Stamps, Wic, Section 8 Housing, etc.... We are enabling them to keep us under their control while they pacify us and continue to kill us slowly as a people and are completely erased from the books of history and life!!!
I certainly thank you, Poet REMARKABLE_8 for allowing the readers an honest glimpse into the gift of your intellect regarding answering some complex questions I am quite sure most ponder but few have taken upon themselves to seek the answers        
Thank you very much for allowing me to share all my input and thoughts. I am honored and truly grateful for this opportunity!!        
God bless you all, be safe and safe holidays to you all!! Please feel free if you are on dup!! Some of my work we celebrated enuff!! By me and fatherless sons    and to all the hustlers!! Some inspirational and motivational writes to help with some positive insights peace and blessings always good evening queen appreciate you !!
This has been another Straight Talk Live with, Poet REMARKABLE_8          
Have a great day and a blessed journey.        
SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 26th Dec 2022
Author's Note
A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Marcus Garvey
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