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Postmodern Hell

The swindler's sagacious, wicked and anxious  
Best prepare a feast of minds  
Instrumentally less sheer, weaponizing our fear  
He longs to be the key that winds  
The puppet has strings and scripts and things  
Beholden to the fringe of the law  
When mendacity wears down his vestigial crown  
His malfeasance is all too raw  
Take our spirit, take our means. Start ripping through seams  
To lay a base of exclusive profusion  
It'll take a weatherworn stroll over a kettle-baked knoll  
To infer this noisome intrusion  
He lay a sumptuous grin and the wherewithal within  
To be furtively cruel at the peak of his perch  
Overseeing cities and towns, laying simpers not frowns  
Whilst destroying the work of the church  
He has taken away our capacity to pray  
By allowing pestilence to infect our good name  
To follow a law never written leaves the populace smitten  
They blindly shape to this volatile game  
But what they didn't expect was the fresh introspect  
Of a warrior gathering his crew  
He spreads an abundance of seed and the souls that he's freed  
Unspoiled and starting anew  
He plants wisdom. He plants truth. He fights nail. He fights tooth  
Propagating the crime of volition  
We cut ties with the liar, hold his feet to the fire  
Until we can stand in a firmer position  
We need more freestanding to conquer the landing  
Jailing all who perpetuate this lie  
Their aberrant reality authoring our normality  
Claims the pariah will be the first to die  
We must remain strong so they don't string us along  
Through the labyrinth of their obsession  
It whittles me breathless why they are so restless  
In formulating this absurd progression  
All it takes is just one to undo what they've done  
As long as our voice doesn't stray  
Don't give them the clout; Once in is now out  
And we can flourish without the decay
Written by Everavalon
Published | Edited 23rd Mar 2023
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