The Rapture will involve people dying - mass death.    
Nobody will go up without dying. Forget what your pastor told you.  
He doesn't know (and may not even care?)  
We read that the Rapture is somehow connected to the River Euphrates(Revelation 9.14-15).    
It doesn't say the Rapture explicitly.    
But it does speak of "the hour and the day" which is code for the Rapture.(Because when Christ spoke of "the hour and the day," (Matt.24.36)   
He was referring to the time of THE RAPTURE.    
(Later on we read of "the Euphrates drying up" (Rev.16.12).    
So, logically, THAT is the punchline !!  
 When it does dry to a certain point, the Rapture will occur !!  
But just forget that last part for now.    
For I want to dwell on Rev.9.14-15.    
The "hour and day" go with "the killing of one third of men" !! This is BIG !!    
Now since "the hour and day" = the Rapture, we can make a case that the "killing of 1/3 of men" = the departure of souls at that time.    
In other words, the departure of souls as bodies die = the Rapture itself !!    
This would confirm my long-held view that the Rapture will be a time of mass death (due to WMDs).    
I entered the talent contest at the Four County Fair back in 2011.
 We were supposed to each get 5 minutes to sing, dance or speak.  
 I began saying "the Rapture will be a time of MASS DEATH !! - RUSSIAN ATTACK !!"    
The man in charge cut off my microphone.    
The off-duty policemen, working as security, escorted me off the stage and out of the building.    
No, people don't like to hear the truth, especially if its unpleasant.    
I didn't get my full 5 minutes, more like half that amount.    
At church last Sunday the pastor told me "we are not that kind of church...  
No more talking about the TRIB or Russian Attack."    
Its like the 2011 Four County Fair all over again.    
Anyway, back to the part about "1/3 of people dying."    
That would mean in the USA.    
NOT the whole world.    
For we(the USA) are the target of the country ruled by the Antichrist.  
 (Plus NATO which is "the Restrainer" 2nd Thessalonians 2.6-7).    
My point is that the Rapture and a massive number of deaths are clearly clearly clearly put together in Rev.9.14-15.    
Yes, DEATH will mark the Rapture !!  
It will be different from what POLLYANNA pastors have told you !!    
PS: pastors claim that "we shall not all sleep" (2 Corinthians 15.51-52)  
 at the Rapture we will depart without dying.  
 Guess again !!  
If you will simply look at the context,  
there is the disappearing of the physical body in an instant !!  
That could be thought of as death.  
So apostle Paul is NOT talking about death  
so much as the corpse that is left behind.    
There wont be any (except far from ground zero).    
For vaporization due to nuke fireballs has to be factored into the equation.    
Here's a brief rundown of Matthew 24 in regard to verse 36.  
Verse 27 is about the East/West struggle.    
The Russian attack will come from the East. Verse 28 - this is about people away from ground zero.  
The heat is not enuff to vaporize bodies.    
Verse 29: "the TRIB of those days"= the Roman siege of Jerusalem in AD 70, which took 5 months.    
So the endtime TRIB will also take that long.  
 "The stars will fall"=manmade stars, ie, nuclear fireballs.    
Verse 31 is Christ sending His Angels to "gather His Elect" at the Rapture !!    
(The socalled "trumpet" is bombs going off.)  
 Finally, verse 36 is linked to verse 31 !!  
 The "hour/day" in verse 36 refers to the Rapture in verse 31.  
Whenever the worst thing in the world happens,  
 just remember verses 17-18 of 1st Thess. 4:    
"Comfort each other" with the thought that the Rapture has happened.    
And that departed saved people are in heaven  !!  
PS: PENTECOST comes at the end of May - that's only like 16 weeks away !!  
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
Published | Edited 5th Feb 2023
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