Mad Princess

There once was a princess named Chloe,
Whom everybody thought was quite mad.
But, only because no one understood her,
And most people treated her rather bad...
They said she had a darkness inside her,
One that was growing stronger with time.
Only she could hear the old ones whisper,
And behold their insane visions sublime!
Great were the old ones that I speak of...
And Sybil is their prophetess who knows,
That there are ancient things dwelling above,
And even more ancient things down below.
One day Chloe chanced to meet a prince,
A handsome prince whose name was Kara.
It changed her entire universe ever since,
Because he understood the things she saw.
I am the mad princess of the great old ones,
Their tendrils reach deeply into my brain!
I am the apprentice of the great darkness,
So much great magic is given me to claim.
Oh prince of darkness, angel heaven sent!
Lord of the shadows and every secret thing,
What I held back, now is at last given vent.
Kara is that lord, and in his honor I do sing!
The groves of old were his in Earth's dawn,
And I was one of the maidens as did keep...
The lost traditions that sanctified thereon,
Where the blood of sacrifices did so seep.
I will chant his hidden names and so honor,
The pact we made, until the star wink out.
The night is my mother, I am its' daughter,
And the spells I have learned, I shall shout.
Let them call me mad, they do not believe,
The shimmering things my eyes have seen.
Those common people who remain asleep,
Cannot understand the hidden sun's gleam.
I am the apprentice to a prince who is king,
Whose kingdom I shall so inherit in time...
Oh, the dark blessings that we shall bring!
Until the great old ones return, sublime.
I am far more, than just a simple child!
The madness with me cannot be contained.
The power within me is glorious and wild,
More grand than anything before obtained.
Written by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
Author's Note
This is both a dedication to Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana), and an expression of my dark side, and the dark side of magic as well. You rock, Kara! You rock, and you rule.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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