The last paragraph

The closing paragraph, a literary necessity, crafted to signify a story’s end.  A consumable thought has been so convincingly packaged and sold as comprehensive.  Clever myopia.

This is the mortal curse:  Short lives render near sight.  Period.  We have a need for finality, a symmetrical compliment to our lives of narrow scope.  In the story of our lives, the final paragraph is always closing in.  That final sentence is aways on our tail.  

I ponder how my own last paragraph will read, when my story is told.  What will be the tone and tact of my epitaph?  I’m taken aback considering the stark tragedy if there even is one.  A neatly packaged life story is evidence of a misspent opportunity.

Let me explain.
Let me breathe
Love and
Take time to refine my existence, with purpose.  I’ll break free of this selfish womb, pour over the index of my many mistakes and broadcast these lessons of what I’ve learned and accepted altruistically.  
Hopefully I can find something worthy to share with, and inspire
to Feel
Reach out
Our blended existence will cast ripples on through time and influence those who influence others.

We put our shoulders on offer for future decedents to find a foothold.  With a little care, our harmonized legacies will fold into the fabric of the human experience.  

Lend me your hand so I can leap across the white space at the end of my story and join yours.  I challenge the omniscient cosmic author, and bid him luck in closing our eternal stories with some simple punctuation.
Written by Nilknarfar
Published | Edited 11th Dec 2022
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