No One Is Home

In these woods we dared to be
Though tales were told of tragedy
Of monsters hiding deep in woods
We shan't believe them no one should
Though we don't believe these tales  
Could there be more beyond the trails?
Each tree we pass we trek deeper in woods
Down comes the rain and up go our hoods
With thunder and lightning our minds start to wander
Could there really be monsters way out yonder?
Now we're lost cant see our way back
We're frightened we may be under attack
Now running and leaping through trees and vines
We both felt a tingle go straight up our spines
To a halt we both came as we peer through the rain
A cabin we spy and now feel the strain
We have no other choice, no shelter in place
Now we see the fear in each others face
Slowly we creep to the cabin below
No one we see only a light a glow
It's now or never maybe they won't mind
All we care is hopefully their kind
No one is home we both started sying
Once inside we then started drying
Do you smell that I ask? Smells like blood
Don't be silly she said, its probably just mud
Lurking around where I shouldn't be
I slipped and fell down straight on my knees
I don't want to look, to see what is there
It's probably just rain that's dripping in here
I cut on the light and to my surprise
There on the table was a head? but what size?
Shocked I walked backwards away
Surely a trick someone has played
You have to see this I said!
I've found a mangled human head!
We packed up to leave we should have kept walking
Little did we know the monster had been stalking
We rush to the door were almost out
But on the other side there came a shout
What really happened to the girls? no one knows
Only one made it out so the story goes
Shes in the assylum where she hides herself away
Smells like blood she says every day
Written by Sapphirewolf
Author's Note
I had fun writing this one. From a post in the competitions section, I thought it was intriguing. I may be a little repetitive but I tried!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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