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Suspended In The Rapture Of Your Cosmic Animation

Faint whispers breezing on a nocturnal breeze from the stratosphere I send
Gentle kisses in a distance, two souls mesh, softly blend
Rumples sheets, where hearts pulsated, minds interlocked, migrated
In the height of heat
The aroma of your essence, ingrained where passionate drips stained upon the meet, its carnal feast

The taste of sweeten ambrosia lingers on my lips
Hands of remembrance palmed my Nubian hips
Mm... closing my eyes to feel the remnants of its mist
Reaching out, touching the still hands of time
Inhaling the past tense of you and I
In the nakedness of fate, we lay to concede
Streams of moonlight bathing my temple, mmm.. shrouding my wealth, my mysterious
A hidden enigmatic found upon the blank canvass you paint of me

Your tongue slowly brush stroking the curvature of my spine
Do you remember my skin tasting like fine wine
Mmm.. handsome man, bring back to me, those kisses to the side of my neck, my soft breasts you cupped from behind
Intake of my breaths, pants in its wondrous sensational delight
Could fate had gotten this feeling wrong, or has destiny gotten this emotion right
Cinderella’s lost shoe is out there baby, place your wish on my foot and make love to me throughout the night  
Oh yes, lick up the honey drips cascading down the peaks of my tits
Reek my pores of your ecstasy till the dust of dawn’s early light
Your mighty hands roaming the contour blessed lineage soaring in me
In the hunger, my desires your feed
The way to paradise found in the cocoon of my sultry charms
Inside the gulf of the soul, lays dormant to please
To keep your body hot, your soul warm, while lying in my arms  
A duet souls of cosmic asunder of me  
Delving in the gully of my needs  
Kowtowing unto grace, lust, ecstasy  
Your pineal gland I seek to uplift  
Allow the knowledge to flow beyond the sands of time as it drifts
In its reflective state of existence, it has me, bedazzled, weak
Once our temples are fusing, beautifully entwined  
Unlocked, unchained  
My body, my mind sails your temple ordained  
Come to me in your birthright, naked in the virgin of your spiritual quest
Teach me the gifts of the stars, the lullabies of the moon while my mind at rest
Solitude of the intellect…shh…. found within my moistness once you make it creamy than wet
As I give unto you pleasures richer than wealth
Bridging the gap of space within my palms
In the moonlight echoes a forgotten lover’s songs
We are a hushed touch, softly felt
A soulful dedication to a beautiful alliance, your passion makes my soul melt
Lust in the equation once I close my eyes
Rapture in breathless moments, the silhouette of us in moving ecstasy written across the skies
Blending souls, giving in the mending
Words we moan out to the skies, ordained in the communion, sending  
Our bodies baptizing unto each other’s sacred pleasure
Consecration of passion what time and space could never measure
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

Arthur Rubinstein
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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