In the Torah, the 5 books of the Bible that Moses wrote,
there's a list of blessings for the nation of Israel -  
when the people serve God faithfully (Deuteronomy 28.1-14).  
But there's also a list of curses that will befall the nation when the people turn away and follow the gods of the gentiles, etc (Deut.28.15-68).  
When the armies of Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and especially its temple,
 Daniel the prophet spoke of "the desolation of Jerusalem"(Dan.9.2).
 He cried out to God, "..we have sinned and done wrong...We haven't listened to your servants the prophets...
So, the curses..written in the Law of Moses..have been poured out upon us..(Dan.9.11-12).  
Those curses included invasion by an enemy nation (Deut.28.25, 49).  
They "will lay siege to all the cities, tearing down
 the high walls in which you trust"(28.52).
Likewise, Roman armies destroyed Jerusalem and the stately temple 600+ years later.  
Since the destruction by Babylon was a confirming of the curses  
of the Covenant of Moses upon Judah,  
the destruction by the Romans was also the confirming of those same curses.  
For what the Romans did was purely a repetition of what Babylon had done.
 So when we read that, "he [the Roman general] will confirm [the curses of] the Covenant..
for one week [of years].."(Dan.9.27),
 we need to identify "the Covenant" for what it is,  
namely the Law of Moses.  
More specifically, the CURSES in the Law(Deut.28.15-68).
The "week" of years = 7 years(Dan.9.27).
 This is the length of the Roman-Jewish War of mid 66 to mid 73 AD.  
That war is usually thought of as ending in AD 70,  
with the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans.  
But if we extend it to April 73, when MASADA fell  
due to the Roman siege, this gives us a full 7 years war !!  
The Encyclopedia Judaica gives 66-70/73 as the duration of the war,  
showing that 73 is recognized as a valid alternative  
to 70 as the finish of that war.  
The curses of the Law (in the form of that war)  
fell soon after the execution of Christ ("the Messiah will be cut off.." Dan.9.26).  
That was the abomination which drew down upon the nation
 "the destruction of the city and sanctuary"(Dan.9.26).
 Logically, the punishment should follow soon after the offense.  
So the 7 years ("one week" of years) should come soon after AD 30,
 the year of Christ's crucifixion.  
And the Roman-Jewish War DID begin in AD 66.
 Yet Hal Lindsey preaches that those 7 years
 come in our day, about two thousand years later !!  
If that isn't a butchering of the Bible,  
I don't know what is !!  
Hal Lindsey isn't even good enuff to be  
called a false teacher or blind guide.  
His doctrine is so bad that it belongs in the category of "doctrines of demons"(1st Timothy 4.1).
 By preaching a doctrine of a 7 years TRIB,
heretic Hal has gone over to the Dark Side,  
filling up with "the blackest Darkness" (Jude, verse 13).  
As a dying fish goes belly-up,  
it pollutes the water with its decaying flesh.  
It shines in the moonlight, and stinks at the same time.
 Likewise, Hal Lindsey shines  
as a Bible teacher on his videos on YouTube.  
But in reality, he pollutes Christian culture  
with his stinking false doctrines.  
Not a single passage in the entire Bible gives 2 invasions of Israel in the EndTime.
Zechariah 14 has only one such invasion.  
Ditto for Ezekiel 38-39 and Isaiah 66, etc.  
That doesn't stop Hal.  
He says there's two: (1)the one by the Russians, (2)the invasion by the Antichrist.
 "I'm not going against the Bible,
 I'm improving on it,"  
I imagine him saying in his defense.
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
Published | Edited 4th Feb 2023
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