The River EUPHRATES Is Drying Up (as predicted in Revelation 16.12)

See also Rev.9.14.
 The "hour and day" here = the "day and hour" in Matthew 24.36, the time of the Rapture.
So the drying of that great river TODAY is a big sign that the Rapture
(and the Russian attack that causes that mass exodus) is at hand !!
We read that "one third of men will be killed"(Rev.9.15).
This may mean a third of the population in the USA.
(Rather than 1/3 globally.)
That would be talking about immediate death.
 But later on, after 2 weeks, radiation sickness kills many more.
So instead of a third, the total may be more like half the population of the USA.
But not in South America or Africa or Asia.
So there is that much consolation. Combine the "trumpet" about the Euphrates with the "vial" about the Euphrates.
Each trumpet compares to the corresponding vial.
The 200 million connects with "the kings of the east."
China will get ready to go to war with Russia - after Russia takes away China's two top trading partners (USA and EU).
But that war, hinted at in these words,"no flesh would be left," (Matthew 24.22) will be headed off by Christ's quick Return ("Appearance a second time" Hebrews 9.28).
It won't happen for the Church ("the elect") in China and Russia have suffered enuff already...
In Hebrew poetry the first line is repeated in the second line, using different words.
Ditto, the 7 trumpets are repeated in the 7 vials, but in different words about different aspects of the same thing.
One last thing, the Euphrates in Rev.9.14 is not far away from the "5 months" in 9.5,10.
THAT is the length of the TRIB.
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