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Girl's Night Out

I've got four more clips right in my cargo pockets
But I don't need them right now, this bitch is already locked and ready to pop it
Don't start that fuck shit boy, I'm trying to save your fucking life
But pull that pussy ass shit and I guarantee you wont make it home to your wife

Everybody's up in here to have a good time and you know that I'm feeling nice
I'm running a little flirty conversation and sipping my drink, like it's pussy cum on ice
I know that this is a club and this is just socializing, sips and conversation
Over half of the female that I talk to have a family at home patiently waiting

I don't care about that shit, every woman I talk to isn't about a fuck
I'ld like to think that I have a pretty good head on my shoulders, knowing what's up
I wont lie, I'm not indept on every conversation, but I don't mind learning
This is a club and these are club interactions, but fuck boys fall easily in love and start burning

She never said that she wanted to be with you, it was her nature to be courteous
But now you're looking at me and the situation is getting serious
You've never seen me before, but the way that I move is so mysterious
Everytime that I whisper in to her ear, she laughs reacting as if she's delirious

I've approached the bar three times and each times your crew has bumped me
I've told you bitches before, I'm not trying to be anyone's casulty
When I walk up into court there's only going to be one bitch lying to the judge
The fucked up thing is your boys dying, not realizing this was a psychotic grudge

These women didn't want you, hell they didn't even want I_Is_Me
They just came out to socialize and not be confronted with a bitch's jealousy
A few drinks and a little dancing, socializing with their girls and not out for romancing
How in the fuck can you confuse love with a drink and some dancing

Another trip to the bar, again you bump me but this time you spit a little shit
Hahaha, the jacket slides open and I let the chrome shine just a little bit
I see that look in your eyes, you're a pretender playing hard in disguise
Faced with what could be the end of you and your friends has caught you by surprise

Are you looking at a woman that isn't even yours prepared to die
I have places to be, a woman that I hold there and I don't have to try
You've got a wife at home, but yet you're out here playing hard and single
And that crew that you run with saw the chrome and refused to linger

Go home to your family boy, kiss the kids, and fuck the old lady really hard
Thank your lucky stars that it was Me instead of a strapped and loaded retard
Please allow these women to choose as they want for the remainder of the night
Instead of you pushing this fucking issue and me being forced to turn out your lights  

Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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