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A Fantasy Comes True Chapter 1 part 1 of 3

A Fantasy Comes True
Chapter 1 part 1 of 3

Frankie had been doing the same thing every summer since he was fourteen, mowing the lawns for the local stay-at-home spouses of his neighborhood for some extra cash. Most paid him well, and he had a series of regular clients. Most people would not think looking at him that such a friendly and dependable kid would also be successfully running his own lawn-mowing business. Now, 18, this would be his last summer of mowing lawns as he was leaving for college in August.

Frankie was a handsome young man, with light brown hair and blue eyes, and thanks to his lawn mowing job, had developed a nice firm shape to his 5'11" body. He even had a set schedule that he stuck to faithfully. Every Tuesday and Friday, he would start at Ms. Green's house, then Ms. Thompson, and Ms. Young, who would feed him lunch, then visit Ms. Packard, and end at Ms. King's house, who lived next door. The ladies always looked forward to his visits, and at the end of summer, would always tip him well with money, or gift cards to his favorite store. His favorite was Ms. Young because she always fed him and allowed him a rest before he had to move on to his next client. She was also the one he was the most attracted to and would fantasize about many nights alone in his bedroom. He dreaded Ms. Thompson's because her husband was often there and would criticize him for not mowing the lawn correctly but would not do it himself. He also would not let Ms. Thompson give him a tip when he was around, which was too often.

Mr. and Ms. Thompsons had to go out of town for a wedding and Frankie was told not to mow their lawn during their absence. Mr. Thompson felt Frankie was a punk looking to rob their house because his mother was not married, and he was earning money to help her pay the bills. Mr. Thompson had no idea how hard Frankie's mother was working, or how Frankie's father had abandoned them both when Frankie was a baby. Frankie disliked Mr. Thompson, but liked Ms. Thompson, and wondered why such a nice woman was with such a cruel man. Ms. Thompson told Frankie if he would mow the lawn upon their return, she would pay him extra, even if she had to sneak the extra money to him through one of the other neighbors (like Ms. Young.) Often, Frankie would tell Ms. Young how much he wished Ms. Thompson would leave Mr. Thompson but said he would always mow her lawn if she asked, even for free, so Mr. Thompson would not be angry with her.

That first Tuesday the Thompsons were gone, Frankie started his day, as usual, going to Ms. Green's house early, and mowing her lawn. She liked it when he would start early so, she could enjoy her nicely mowed lawn all day. She slipped him an extra ten dollars, a kiss on his cheek, and thanked him for his time. Frankie trekked to the Thompsons' before he remembered they were not home. He decided to go to Ms. Young's house and get an early start. He knew he was too early for lunch and would not be able to go to Ms. Packard's until his normal time, as she would not be home from her job, and she liked to be there when he worked. He had never gone to Ms. Young's house so early before, so when he arrived, he was surprised to see her wearing a low-cut t-shirt, and shorts. Her long blond hair hung loosely over her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkled. Ms. Young was the only other divorced woman on the block, and she worked from home. She greeted Frankie with a smile and a cold glass of fresh lemonade.
"Thank you, Mrs. Young," he said smiling.

"I figured you'd be thirsty, but why are you so early? Mr. Thompson being extra mean today?"

"They're out of town for a wedding," he said.

"Oh, right," she said. "I forgot Millie mentioned that. They will be gone all week. And I'll bet that skin-flint Mr. Thompson won't let you work while he's gone."

"Yeah," said Frankie. "But Mrs. Thompson said she'll pay me extra when she gets back to mow her overgrown lawn, even if she has to give you the money."

Ms. Young smiled and said, "If she gives me any money for you, I guarantee you'll get it."

"Is it too early for me to start?"

Ms. Young's smile changed, taking on an almost wicked quality. "No Frankie, it's never too early to start."

Frankie wondered what she meant but decided not to push it. He proceeded to mow her grass and when he was finished, he came into her kitchen. There, on the breakfast bar, was another glass of lemonade and a sandwich with some chips waiting for him. Ms. Young smiled as he sat down to eat.

"Hot today," she said.

"Yeah," he said. "Hotter than normal."

"What are you going to do when you're finished here?"

"Don't know," he said taking a bite of his sandwich. "Mrs. Packard and Mrs. King work and they like to be home when I work so they can make sure I do what they want."

"You sure it isn't so they can watch such a fine young man work?"
Frankie started to choke. He was not sure, but he thought she was flirting with him. When he stopped coughing, he asked, "What do you mean?"

"Frankie," she said as she rubbed his shoulder. "You're a handsome young man. I know I have enjoyed watching you mature over the last four years from a gangly boy into a fine young man. And old ladies like me love to watch handsome young men work."

Frankie blushed and said, "Mrs. Young, you're not old."

"Hell boy!" she cried. "I'm in my 40's. When I was your age, a boy like you wouldn't look twice at me."

"Bullshit!" he cried. "You're gorgeous! I mean, you've got a smoking hot body, and trust me when I say, I'd do you if you were my age."

Ms. Young's smile grew, and she asked, "What about now?"

"Now? Well, I ugh-"

Ms. Young started to laugh and said, "It's okay Frankie. You don't have to answer that."

Frankie had fantasized about Ms. Young since he first started working for her. She was the source of his first wet dream, and he had long wanted to find out if she was real, or silicone. He did not want to tell his best customer how he really felt, for fear she would fire him on the spot. Yet, he could not shake the feeling she was teasing him, taunting him with her body. She had never dressed so provocatively before, and she was feeding his desires.

"Mrs. Young," he said. "I like you a lot. You're a real nice lady."

"But I'm also as old as your mother," she said.

"I just don't want you to fire me."

"Why the hell would I fire you, Frankie?"

Frankie blushed and said, "I don't know."

"Frankie," she coaxed.

"Mrs. Young, I think about you. A lot."

"How so?" she asked.

"I think you're hot. Like, really hot."

"And you're afraid if you say that I'll fire you?"


"I won't," she said. "In fact, I'm flattered."



"Okay," he said smiling.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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