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Against The Winds Of Time

I saw your beautiful silhouette in the ether of time      
Your breath of passion felt like soothing wine        
I called out to you          
Did you adhere to my alluring voice echoing in the wind        
The fog of infinity meeting the crossroads, where hearts, minds, souls, softly blend  
Opening my eyes, looking upward toward the skies        
Resonating whispered serenades, embracing lullabies        
Upon the creation of truth, you’ve tasted the warmth of my skin        
The sanctuary of my mystique you reside in        
Pools of comfort where the meaning of life begins        
Weakening by the sugary flavor of my lips        
The enticing curvaceous of my body, your palms outlining my hips        
Henceforth, have you misplaced the definition of your crown        
The purpose of your right to life when sacrifices are taking last breaths devoid of earthly sounds        
I see the blood inscribed on the walls        
Fortune and fame, until fate comes for spirits after given all        
No longer worth the riches, the gold, destiny names upon the pearly gates, as souls takes a Heavenly fall        
Why does a righteous man choose to sell his soul        
When his name is already shrouded in salvation seeping from sacred scrolls        
Having the power to be his own man, the King of his own dynasty        
Does he bow to the puppet masters, to reap the falsehood of greed        
Where can he now rest his head, in a world of make believe        
Is there peace found in his mating bed          
Without the doctrine of a crest settled upon his head        
Will his loins harvest in the dark to give wicked deities the fruit of his generational seeds        
Wants and lust does not make a man who has no direct knowledge or cannot maintain the insignia of his needs        
This world concept of survival of the fitted, is it not deemed a dream        
When we sleep, only the reality of the subconscious gives us rest from weariness, our troubles, so it may seem        
We awaken to a glorious sunrise        
To face a new day of slaughtering, corporate larceny, racial division, and culture demise
A pyramid of life from the peasants slaving to find lost riches          
Secrets not revealed from the Billionaires, Trillionaires’ society wicked al la carte wishes       
The concept does make you ponder what are we born for into humanity given chances to strive          
When old wealth sets the rules, manifests the regulations        
Upheaval by the forefathers and their manifesto documented proclamations        
The history of those words still rings hollow from centuries among the constellations      
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 29th Nov 2022
Author's Note
I have been taking a keen notice of things yet to occur in humanity obscured by certain events that have been taking place and thought I would poetically pen my observation.

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