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HER SEXY D-CUPS  Chapter 4 Part 1 of 2

Chapter 4 Part 1 of 2

She pulled me up and started ripping at my pants.

“I want you to fuck me like you’re going off to war!” she said and bit my shoulder while she pushed down my pants.

I was lucky I didn’t slip a disk the way I was slamming my cock into her, thus slamming her ass into the back of the sofa. I was about halfway to heaven when she pushed me out of her and spun us around, so I was up against the sofa. She went down on her knees, and she was instantly licking my balls, then sucking my cock, then her fingers were up my ass. As she sucked me, I stretched my arms down and was fondling her nipples through the fabric of her dress. I pulled her upward and tried to pull her dress off over her head.

“No,” she whispered. “Leave the dress on. I want it to smell like us!”

She went back down to sucking and within about thirty seconds I started to erupt. Eva knew me well by this time, so when she heard my first guttural groan, she knew I was coming. My first spurt of cum was ejected just as she was removing her mouth from my shaft, and it splattered onto her chin and the dress. She usually swallowed it all, but not this time. She continued to jack me off, cum spraying all over her and the dress.

“Do me a favor,” Eva said, later after a brief rest of kisses and touchy-feely on the couch. “Play with my ass.”

I rolled her onto her knees on the sofa and I knelt on the floor behind her. I pushed the back of her dress up and saw she had a plug in her butt.

“You’ll have to take that out first,” she said. “But I’m already all lubed up so we’re good to go.”

I popped that plug out, tossed it on the seat cushion, and then went to work doing all the trivial things that I knew would drive Eva to the edge. I licked her crack, rimmed her sublime entry, and felt her lovely pucker when my tongue and fingers disappeared into her hole.

“Fuck me like it’s the last piece of ass you’ll ever get!” Eva said when I rose behind her. With her experienced sphincter, she opened and closed her asshole a few times, winking at me.

I put my dick to her ass and pushed. Without much buildup, soon I was pumping as hard and fast as I could and Eva was wailing like a Banshee, and as always spouting off her very colorful vocabulary. I reached around to feel that Eva’s hand was working her clit like a stick shift, so I tried to fuck her even harder. Then finally I came, and with my customary groans dumped strings of my semen into her ass.

Then she came directly after, dumping sheets of her spray on the seat cushion as we quaked from our passions. When I pulled out of her, white cum rolled out of her ass and down the back of her chocolate thighs.

Eva went to the bathroom to clean up a little, and I put my clothes back on. When she came back to the living room I was standing by the sofa, and she came over and she kissed me for what would be the last time. Then she stepped away and had a serious look on her face.

“Damn, we can fuck! I love the way we fuck,” she said. “I’m going to miss you, but I can’t see you anymore.”

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew what we had was weird, wild, and crazy and would never last, but this was all of a sudden.

“Cannot see me anymore? What are you talking about? You just said how much you love to fuck!”

“I do! That is why I wanted you one more time tonight. But I cannot do it anymore.”

“What are you saying? Why?”

“My husband’s coming home!” she blurted.

“Your husband? You are married? I thought you were divorced!”

“That is what I like to tell people. It is easier that way, no questions about the reality.”


“He has been in prison. I thought he would be in a couple more years, but he is getting out early. He will be here Wednesday, and I will be fucking him Wednesday night, so obviously I could not be here fucking you.”

I sat on a chair. “Holy shit,” I babbled. “I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it. I am sorry, Adam, I really am. If I had my way, he would do two more years. But I must deal with it. And we cannot have any more contact, none whatsoever. No calls, no texts, no emails. Get me out of your phone, you are already out of mine. If he finds out about us, he is liable to kill us both.”

“Jesus, what did he do?”

“He was a money manager for a large corporation and some funds were unaccounted for. A lot of funds. I am sure you did not think I could afford that big house working for the county.”

“Eva, I don’t know what to say.”

“Goodbye, which is all there is to say. It is over. It must be.”

“Sounds like it could be a tough adjustment.”

I moved toward her, but she moved away, heading for the door.

“Yeah, I’ll need it,” she said. “That is why I wore that butt plug and lubed up for you tonight. I will be taking it up the ass a lot.”

“Oh, does he like it like that?” I asked.

“Just a guess. He has been in prison for five years!” she said. Then she opened the front door and was gone.

The next few weeks were strange for me, after having been in a sincere relationship with Rita for over a year, and then immediately entering several months of mad fucking with Eva. But the solitude was a good thing, giving me time to think and regroup and prepare for whatever would come next.

In mid-December, unexpectedly I received a phone call from Rita. It was a Thursday night at around nine o’clock. After our initial greetings and how-have-you-been, Rita got around to the reason for the call.

“Guess where I was tonight!” she asked.

“I don’t know, where?” I answered.

“My office Christmas Party!”

“It is that time of year, I guess. How was the party?”

“It sucked. But guess who was there!”

“Santa Claus,” I said.

“No, Eva’s husband! And he looks just like you!”

“Like me?”

“Yep. Same brown hair, same eyes, same body. Might be a couple of years older but he could be your brother! Isn’t that wild?”

“She is married to a white guy? What about Daryl?”

“He didn’t come from this guy,” Eva said. “And they don’t get along too well.”

“Who, Eva and her husband?”

“No, her husband and Daryl. They cannot stand one another.”

“Wow,” I said.

“I know,” Rita said, “It’s spooky, isn’t it?”

“It’s creepy, alright.” There was a pregnant pause for a few moments, and then Rita was the first to speak.

“So how have you been, Adam?” she said softly.

“Oh fine,” I said. “Getting along okay, just lamenting my many lost lovers! How about you? How are you and Daryl doing?”

“Uh,” she said, hesitating. “We’re sort of over.”

“Sort of…?”

“No, we are. We are over. I ended it three weeks ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I croaked. “What happened?”

“It is a long story. But it is okay, it was my decision. The right decision. And Adam, I am sorry for what I put us through.”

“No need to be.” There was more dead air before she spoke again.

“Adam, would you like to meet for a drink sometime? To catch up? My Treat.”

When I did not answer right away, she filled the silence by saying that she understood if I did not want to after what she had done and all we had been through, together and apart. But my hesitation was from my surprise, not because I did not want to.

“Sure, I’d love to,” I said, interrupting her. We arranged to meet early Saturday evening in a quiet bar near her apartment.

I got to the bar a few minutes early and got us a small table in the corner. I ordered myself a beer and a vodka tonic for Rita. The server was just putting our drinks on the table when Rita walked through the door. I stood as she approached the table and was mildly surprised when she kissed me hello on the lips. She took the seat immediately to my left. She was never one to wear too much makeup, but this night she works lipstick to match her auburn hair and eyeliner to accent her blue eyes. Her face looked thinner, and she looked tired, but it may have seemed that way because her hair was up in a bun and not hanging free.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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