Quite dead obviously, yet simply won't lie down!

By Stanley Collymore    
Gyles Brandreth can't be that    
much of the confidante he    
claims to be if he's easily    
babbling this rather pointless and  
actually likewise to every obvious  
distinctively intelligent person, in  
possession of a genuinely logical  
mind unquestionably manifestly  
uninteresting, and basically also  
blatantly pathetic, sychophantic    
crap to the media, while in turn    
similarly rather enthusiastically    
having a necessary predictably    
clearly profitable, forthcoming    
discernibly ghost written book    
quite brazenly released to the  
surfeit, of brownnossing serfs  
principally throughout Britain    
and clearly self-evidently also    
the actual, barbarously white    
entirely genocidally acquired  
dominions globally; basically    
like: delusional Terra nuliius  
Australia; evidently likewise,    
Canada and quite obviously    
too New Zealand. Sickening      
and puerile gossip callously    
from Gyles Brandreth quite    
in exchange for the literally    
obvious quite undoubtedly    
plebeian serf, supportively    
funded, cheques in return.    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
26 November 2022.    
Author's Remarks:    
The discernibly incomprehensible, distinctly disingenuous and clearly dishonest eulogies avidly continue even in the wake of Liz Windsor at 96 having ultimately and inevitably snuffed it. However, the fact that a most obviously unlikely individual for saint hood went weeks without seeing Philip while he was actually spending his remaining days alive with another woman, says a great deal I would say. That said, rather apparently truth and brownnosing serfdom by obviously brainwashed and deliriously too delighted serfs, most self-evidently to honest and intelligent minds, as indeed those of the serfs themselves, essentially aren't compatible with each other.    
And  incredibly all these comments distinctly and rather about relating to Liz Windsor about "how much I miss her" and how "Christmas Day won't be the same anymore" from people who'd never met her, and likewise personally certainly didn't know her, is effectively and equally most assinely pretentious, literally pathetic; and most distinctively so on an obviously personal basis for all such sick individuals undeniably mentally disturbing!      
And quite unquestionably, too far gone to create let alone establish meaningful lives of their own! Most people 96 years old are quite aware that time is running out for them. If not, then they're obviously and inescapably in for a very nasty shock Gyles Brandreth!
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