Cherry Blossom

My beloved brings the light within me forth. His words cascade down the rivers of my existence with grace and dignity. Yet they melt me into the warmth I long to comfort him with. Therefore, I am my beloveds' and he is mine.

 As he said,
  " Radiance envelops your very being. A spiritual awakening in flesh never to fully be realized until itís unleashed upon another human. Someone so loving they canít possibly be real but at the same time you know they canít be a dream. Without a true comprehension of their origin, one can only assume an angel had touched them at some point in their life. A single perfect snowflake among a storm of indignity that stretched as far as the eye could see. This was my only hope as I continued to my future. When she spoke, it was as if the wind was whispering a sweet autumn lullaby to my fears, and nothing could tear my attention from this undeniably pure visage. There is no sweeter dream than the one you wake from knowing everything was possible in it. This was what I had found. This was the reason I could never find peace before. Underneath a wilted cherry blossom, I would weep for my vision of ideals and identity in the world. Slipping from my grasp as I stretched my weary hand out for an angel to bring me back to the light I would sigh in relief as I felt the contact of forever within my heart.
A person canít pretend to understand the will of something that makes you feel so small, but you can accept the ripples as it moves us through time towards destiny. Fate is the one thing that I cannot escape from and all roads lead to you."

Therefore, let every path continue into the depths that we now plunge ourselves into. My darling, let your blossoms submerge me into the petals of your tenderness. Drowning in the Ecstasy of your existence.
Written by soleil_89 (Taylor G.)
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