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Thanksgiving Thoughts~

This morning has already been interesting. My brain is going off in so many directions and I haven’t even had coffee yet.
With it being Thanksgiving and seeing the dynamics of this day unfold in so many different ways for people it just got opened up a plethora of channels in my mind.
I’ve been feeling off lately.  Watching the extremists do their hate work under the umbrella of the word freedom exhausts me.  How do we come together when the underbelly screams separation?  I’m still holding onto the thought of us waking up one day as a collective with eyes wide open, with the ability to apply this knowledge from that place of love.  We’ve gotten so trained to see life and existence through blinders, focused on what we think is right and in that we’ve gotten lost.  What’s really right?  And does it exist?  That’s where my connection to God comes in.  I am trusting in the higher good and am feeding my personal hope in the ways that I can.  We are a hard headed nation and our inability to be flexible is costing us.  Ok…just my thoughts and ramblings but with this empaths heart I just am wondering if we are ever going to see the big picture.
Relationships with family, friends, and our personal selves is another key thought.  I miss the traditional celebrations with family.  I am blessed with loving kind and generous hearted family, related by blood and some related by the heart of friendship.  Yet, there is melancholy attached also in missing the old days.  The old traditions, with everyone intact.  
There’s a social issue with the fast feel good with food, friendship, sex, money and it's taxing our integrity.  I’m wondering if that comes from a fear base of feeling exhausted or are we fearful that we aren’t going to get the whole pie and not just crumbs.  Fear rules us so harshly and in so many ways.  If we run from that space in our hearts and soul then we jeopardize so much.  Climbing the ladder of fear all of my life has been my challenge.  I’m close to the top and can feel the freedom.  Again trust and hope.  Apply….
Basically now that I have my coffee and am thinking this is to wordy I want to say that I hope today brings you close to your friends, family, and loving memories.  I hope you feel love and grace today.  I am so grateful to all of you in my life and the teachings, support, frustration, all of these things because that is what’s real.  May today bring you peace of heart and mind.  I pray today for those who are experiencing lack, empty bellies, void hearts.  I pray that light surrounds us all and takes us to the people, places and things that feed our highest good.
Blessings  be….
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