Why waste my talents on being pointlessly a good but poor wife, when being a Karen tart is much more rewarding?

By Stanley Collymore

I promised him romance, not
marriage, and frankly that's
what he's been customarily
getting; so it's quite beyond me why
he's actually and now complaining,
as I've never, not even once, really
reneged, on what evidently I have
basically given to him. Effectively
because in this liberally intimate
association with him I've always
crucially never stated nor really
ever promised, that there won't
be other men that I'll be seeing.
Something, which he was truly
most aware of and undeniably
too, rather obviously from the
naturally likewise discernibly
patently and visibly mutually
coordinated, commencement
my close affiliation with him.

Now he's inexplicably, and
taking into account what
I'm openly saying, quite
possessively and even obsessively
so, demanding a great deal more.
In reality basically and distinctly
discernibĺy, maddeningly, firmly
insisting it's rather indisputably
also most unfair to him, having
to share what we actually have
with others, as if I was literally
just a common whore. Frankly
citing that he wants marriage;
equally, a strong commitment
from me; and attendantly too
a solemn undertaking, in this
pledge given by me, that he'll
be the sole man physically as
well as emotionally crucially
in my life; and, undoubtedly
also, discernibly the solitary
and biologically proven dad
of every one of my children.

Demands quite laughable in
the extreme, as I'm literally
committedly and distinctly
most blatantly unapologetically
also, a distinctively thoroughly
hard-core, absolutely inuredly
ingrained, and most evidently
in this process too a naturally
societally unrepentant plus a
crucially obvious discernibly
endemically, social-climbing
Karen! And crucially should
I essentially during my very
earnest quest for a relevant
high life, not really manage
to actually make it to being
superficially regarded, as a
successful, stalker Duchess
turned Princess essentially
like Kate Middleton or end
up literally, being Britain's
Daily Mail, conjoined with
its plethora, of discernibly
controlled serfs approved
Queen Consort, obviously
as is with, Camilla Parker
Bowles! So therefore, as I
personally, optimistically
see it, what's the harm in
my also similarly trying?

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
24 November 2022.

Author's Remarks:
Morality as a viable and worthwhile life concept is virtually on its last legs, and most certainly so within the vast majority of western countries, and as well their specific communities; now, instead, rampantly replaced by greed avariciously engaged in and the crass amassing of wealth, power and social status by any possible means, totally regardless of how distinctively and likewise far reachingly egregious the actual outcome of these behavioural problems might be to others who're essentially perceived in these odious and toxically contrived bacchanalian orgy rites as effectively nothing more than the evidently seen and obviously regarded as the requisite fallout from what in such demented minds is most perversely and perniciously accepted as normality.
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