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The clitoris plays part 2 of 2

The clitoris plays part 2 of 2

The towel leaves your body one more time, and your senses tell you that I am stepping away from you, not allowing you to move or to know where I am. A light, very gentle touch of the towel brushes against the top of your ass, letting you know I am behind you. My hands now firmly grasp your ass and squeeze it, teasing your body with sensations of pleasure. My hands then move in different directions.

One hand moves around to your right hip, the other one down to your left inner thigh. Each one causing different sensations coursing through your body. My right hand moves to the front of your stomach and then down to your supple flesh just above your clit.

My left hand moves down your ass cheek, moving slowly down to your inner thighs, lower towards your knees, and then moving back up your inner thighs. Moving slowly, very slowly up to your velvety folds of pleasure. I use the towel to playfully rub against your slit and now aroused clit. An exceptionally soft moan escapes your mouth as the towel brushes against your clit.

With your body completely dry now, I let the towel drop to the floor, and my hands caress your inner thighs, up the back of your thighs, and up your ass cheeks. They then move up the small of your back, sending waves of pleasure through your body and my hands finally come to rest on your shoulders. With my hands on your shoulders, I slowly guide you back to the bedroom, careful not to let you trip over anything. As we enter the bedroom, you sense of smell is almost overwhelmed by the scented candles and incense burning in the room. It is not overpowering but pleasant and comforting.

I guide you to the bed, your legs bumping against the edge at the foot of the bed. I slowly help you lay down, and you feel the satin sheets are pulled back, and you feel hundreds of soft rose petals cover every inch of the bed.

Their soft and supple texture sending waves of never felt sensations crashing like waves through your body, arousing you to new heights. I guide your body up the bed so that your head can rest on the pillow, and your body now laying completely on rose petals. I guide your arms up over your head and to each side. I guide your right arm up to the headboard, and then to be surrounded by something soft, totally encompassing your wrist.

You hear a few small clicks, and you realize that you are now handcuffed to the headboard. My hand slowly moves down your arm and across your chest, lingering long enough to tease your senses before traveling up your opposite arm, to your wrist and to restrain it in another set of handcuffs, now having no movement in your arms. I gently kneel beside your body, your hands close grip the headboard and an unseen smile plays across my lips.

As you lay there you can feel me moving on the bed, subtle movements, as if searching for something on the bedside table. The uncertainty only fueling the inner fire that is starting to burn within, pushing you to a painfully pleasant place.

The next sensation you feel is something light, soft, and ticklish, yes, a feather, playfully crossing your flesh, making small patterns on your stomach. Then moving slowly down your hips, down your thighs to your knees, and then back up your thighs to your stomach.

The feather now plays up your stomach, up further to glide between your breasts, the touch of it sending thrilling chills through your body.

You arch your chest up to get a firmer touch from the feather, but it moves with your arching and only glides gently up to your neck, then off to the right side, and down to your right breast. Painfully slowly making circles across your breast, till the circles are around your nipple. You are now hard nipple stands out, wanting to be touched, played with, sucked on, but not yet. As the feather leaves your right breast, a low and long moan escapes your lips.

The feather now moves across your upper chest, moving slowly over to your left breast, repeating the pattern. Large circles, growing smaller till they play extremely close to your left nipple, but never touching it.

The feather continues making small circles for a moment, then makes a line up your left breast and to the middle of your chest, then slowly descends towards your stomach. As it is approaching your navel, you feel my hot breath falling on your left breast, directly above your nipple. My desire to touch you almost unbearable for me. Pleasure at seeing you like this driving me mad with pleasure. My cock hard and small drops of pre-cum dripping from its mushroom head.

“Oh, she is so hot. I wish I could take her now, now would be great for me, but this night is for her pleasure for her alone,” are the thoughts racing through my mind as my tongue slowly lances out to your left nipple. Spit on the tip of my tongue drip to your nipple as an animal like moan escapes your lips. I then use my tongue to slowly flick and lightly lick on your hardening nipple.

My wet breath now falling directly on your left breast as the feather traces invisible lines of pleasure down to the supple pink skin above your clit. Stopping there, it makes small indistinct patterns across your flesh.

As my tongue continues to play on your left nipple the feather is removed from your soft and supple skin, only to be replaced by my fingers. Gently and slowly playing across your skin, never going lower than that area of flesh. You thrust your hips up in hopes of my fingers brushing against your clit, but each thrust only causes my fingers to lift from your skin to move back down seconds later.

My tongue makes long, wet line from your left nipple down your breast, and up your right breast to your right nipple. My tongue now makes small circles around your nipple, enticing it towards my hot steamy breath. Then in a slow minute, my tongue briefly rubs across it, covering it, embracing. Another small moan escapes your lips, and my right-hand slides down your soft flesh, searching for you clit. With the smallest and briefest of touches, I rub your clit causing a small gasp to escape your lips.

I take that cue, and gently but rapidly vibrate on your clit, causing your hips to thrust into the air, your body to convulse, and shiver with pleasure. You are breathing comes in irregular gasps as your convulsions reach their peak and start to subside. Your body aches with pleasure as I start to lick and kiss from your breasts down to your stomach and my hand leaves your clit to make its way down your left thigh, down to your knee.

Grasping it firmly I pull it towards me, opening your legs and allowing me better access to the area that we both want me to pay attention to. My hand then moves back up your leg, across your lower stomach, and over to your other leg and down to the knee. Pushing it further away to make you now fully spread eagle. I then remove a pillow from the top of the bed, and move my body into another position, between your legs, my kissing and licking still playing on your lower stomach.

I use both my hands to your hips and lift them into the air. I put the pillow under your ass to keep your hips raised into the air and allow me to fully pleasure your body. My right hand now resting on the top of your left thigh, and my right hand resting on the bottom of your left thigh, near your ass cheek.

My mouth starts to kiss and lick your left inner thigh, just above your knee, and makes slow progress up your leg. Spending time, fueling your inner fire, stoking the embers that burn within your body fuels my own passion.

My only desire this night is to see you totally pleasured, and in doing so, causing myself to be pleasured. I start up your inner thigh, moving painfully slow towards your satiny folds, and to your clit. Not wanting to rush things, to give you as many orgasms as possible, and to see you fully satisfied is my only goal for this night.

My hungry mouth now less than an inch away from your clit and you arch your back moaning for me to move to the place we both want me to be.

Taking the ques, I move my mouth to your velvet lips, parting them with my tongue, stabbing them to their depths, tasting the wetness that has been building for these agonizing minutes. My tongue licks all your wetness, sucking it in, savoring the taste, wanting to consume every drop. My tongue dives deeper into you, wanting to be fully immersed in your velvet sheath of pleasure.

My left hand now moves down from your stomach and down to the softest of skin just above your clit. Two fingers now gently proceed down to part the folds of flesh that hide your clit, exposing the softest and pinkest areas of flesh, exposing your clit for my tongue to lick.

My tongue moves from your soft inner lips, up your satin slit, to your now throbbing clit. Resting on top of it, pressing slightly, licking from top to bottom, side to side. A smile plays across my hungry mouth as your body begins to shake, to convulse and quiver at the first touch of my tongue.

I continue to lick, press, and rub your clit with my tongue as my right hand moves from your ass up to the soft folds of flesh, and two finger threaten to escape into your waiting wetness. My lips greedily pull your clit into my mouth sucking on it, sucking hard, hard enough to send your body into full body shudders of pleasure.

The waves of pleasure overtake you as you scream out in ecstasy, knowing that only more are on their way. Your body contorts, your legs shake and convulse uncontrollably, and your hips buck and writhe as the waves of pleasure subside for the moment. My fingers now slowly, gently slide inside you. Pushing in so they are completely buried within the wetness of your being.

My finger slide in, searching, now finding that sweet hidden spot that guarantees your wildest pleasure. They find it, rest upon it, and wait, painfully wait for a moment before they start an extremely low, incredibly soft vibration. They only twitch back and forth, causing it to raise up, causing it to swell in anticipation of the release that is sure to come.

As it swells, the pressure on its surface increases, and the vibration begins to quicken as well.

Your hips thrust a down onto the pillow, increasing the pressure on your swollen mound of pleasure to increase, a moan of pleasure escaping you as you grind down on my fingers. As the moan escapes your lips, the vibration on my fingers quickens, quickens to an almost dizzying pace, making your breath stop and your heart stop a beat. The pleasure inside you builds with each second, you vision of blackness contorting and becomes a searing white-hot flame.

Your body again convulses with pure pleasure, the waves of pleasure rack your body harder and longer than anything you have yet to experience.

Your body contorts with ecstasy, your moans harder and longer, turning into long screams of absolute delight and pleasure. I smile warmly as your body continues to contort and convulse in pleasure and my fingers continue to vibrate on your swollen inner mound of pleasure.

My own smile contorts as I watch your body convulse, your legs buckle, your hips spamming, and then the moment I have been waiting for. My ass cheeks clench, the muscles in my legs tighten into small knots and my left hand pulls a few small jerks to bring me to total pleasure.

I grab the small towel in front of me to catch my, cum as it flows out of me as your body seem to be relaxing. I smile as the last drop flow out on to the towel, and my soaking fingers are gently and gently removed from you. I reach up with my now free hand, undo the hand cuffs, and dry the hand that was inside you.

I use the same towel to dry you, and then discard it to the side of the bed. Removing your blindfold, I gently kiss your lips, your eye lids, your neck, and your mouth again. I move over your legs to your left side and lay down next to you. On my side I turn you over to your side and pull your close to me in our typical spooning style for sleep. We talk for a few moments, our breath still shallow, and our bodies still feeling small aftershock of pleasure as our skin touches.

I allow my left arm to slide under your head, and out under the pillows, my right hand pulls a single satin sheet up to cover our glistening bodies and then drapes over your side. My right elbow on your side, and my right hand gently cupping your left breast. The rose petals we lay on melding into our flesh, send a pleasant fragrance into the room. We eventually drift off into a deep coma like slumber, one that neither of us has experienced in a long time.
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