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teN Owe SEvEn… Picture Challenge

Time is an illusion platter; space is pitter patter litter chatter; butt opportunity end the latter is another matter…

Pause tick tocK EYe sea cosmic slop cause bic drop
*Clause trick shop
claws hip-hop
Own a rabbit hole
Behind love chimes rewinds of time
Eye found the lab; pit; soul
Swallowing prime following time that cat shit stole
Nine time lines ain’t enough to fit goal

Eye’m just kitten trust riddin’ just kiddin’ lust written; butt hidden plus risen

Eye see dulled sheep lulled asleep

*giggle low beep

Little bro peep hulled the deep

Eye see mind descending ass time pretending eye’mmm beginning again
Eye see God nod; she grinning again
wRite ODd Light rod strikes bod

*Lee spinning the pen

Eye see quartzzz precision sports religion
Touché two see ewe we two say ofcourse decision

Past mound clog clay
Ass round dog play
eye see Groundhog Day

Fry free found frog fray
Eye see pathetic lie SEnsE
POEtic LicEnsE
Sew wet bic; eye rinse

Eye see sundials and contacts
Sum smiles and con acts
Run child! Hand comes back
Dumb file scan contract

On sew mini levels; odd trade when hour bod paid after
God made a deal width the devil’s butt now it’s time two settle up

Wow! Bic Rhyme True. Set soul up!..

If your friends believed inn time would you haunt sum creep; go find a bridge two big then quantum leap
You dig!?!
Men want dumb s-HEE-p
Sew snooze butt on the snooze button
Before the clues cut pun

Eye spy dashes trying two reread tea scene between the eyelashes

Eye see pity ass sum see time ass a deity

Time is a boomerang y’all call a boomer bang
Dang! Deadlines REaD minds after bedtime
Night night
Fight sight

Ass next sky passes scene tricks eye see geneYes PhOEnix spy flashes fry crashes bye past test eye lashes
Sea sign clearer cloak
Behind the mirrors and the smoke we find the fear; errors and the cloak;
the joke eye see sum wOne who just awoke
Time is knot “the real thing”
Just the Coke

“SEnsE ShE sEe tiME is reaLeE rEal;
Let us spin/sPENd a littLE timE…”
Edward Lee Melvin Jr. BEttEr kNown ass Leethal 10.3.2022 4:43pm

Ass eye babble eye hear her rattle; butt nicely Icy eye see her eye shadow looks like a cry battle
Eye liner spy whiner eye tattle
Task scare the mascara
Sea souper bOWL scoop fore soul
SeriousLee serial surreal eye feel sublime
Sew does blind love
Time is inn the eye of the beholder
Free stole hers
School of hard knocks rocks;
Poe, Tate tow chips hug Lee shoulder’s
See boulder
Fool love scarred clocks
She older
Lee told her
We bolder
See soldier tellin’ pale skin there’s know melanin braille inn kin
Spellin’ spell pen
Now spell writin’ while hell ridin’ and twelve hidin’ inn the back of your head
eLEvEn two butt heaven knew the fact love more lead
Attract drug; pour REaD

She equal emcee squared
Lee Leethal REM see scared

My bic caught it tock tick hipnotic
Trick sip hot pic tip taught chick it’s toxic

Paint years gain eye see faint tears stain can’t fears drain; why?

This may stun whole crowd eye see a funnel cloud like twister sister
Kiss of death myth love breath;
resist her twister missed her

And drama the “Andromeda”
Grand comma; duh
Unraveling sun traveling at the speed of light the greed love bite

Forever games oar never reigns
Pleasure pain hands move like weather vanes measure gain treasure stain

Over Time for a commercial break/brake

End time eye see a clock
Pen rhyme; cry bee the shock
Spin chime; Spy free the lock


Crime? Lie be the crock…

Sky be the dock
Tai Chi the flock
Sly see the tock
Fly see the knock

Mav; when eye saw your “tag”
eYE LLaugh before the chapter after redoing the math; because first you offer me the “Red or the Blue pill”
Now close chapter “duh” act after the fact return knew blind eyes two timeline?


What’s up wit this”knew deal”
Am eye supposed two make believe time is too real???
Then fellow peel thin yellow pill
Like banana inn the tailpipe
Eye spell tale write; butt something don’t smell ripe
Yes eye guest peasants guess eye sense time is of essence myth love presence chime gift of presents

Cluck passed Cheers!
Fuck! Ass Years pluck out my tear ducts… last fears suck

Dark circles around my eyes can braille psyche brand and can smell vulture

This rusty rust sea must bee dusty dust tea trust me grand psyche cancel culture

Love grew sprinkles was knew wrinkles of drew tinkles
Eye think hose and dry ink hoes call them number lines

Is knew crime true time end due time;
REM mind wonders
Behind the thin blind ponders like a third eye word guy bird spy cyclops
Heard cry my clocks like rooster cocks mock
pLandemic and dayum gimmick booster shots
Eye’m from the school of hard knocks sew my booster blocks like Houston Rocket. Who’s pun clock set?
You hum flow
Mutombo waving the index
Does tock tick oar clock beat
Few drum kNOw
Craving the pen flex
Saving a sin text
FavinG A MEmorex

Eye see seven after
Cry sea Heaven wrap cure
Icy brethren rapture
Ice free; reverend capture eleven chapter inn fifty three minutes
Shift sea see in ‘its’ lift bee free minutes
Can ewe tear me now
Eye mumble bumble jumble
Once wrap dunce cap;
Remembering elephant Element heaven scent; dumb bro stumble; butt dumbo humble
Jesus turn water two wine; Lee’s lust wants tap
Whale cum back
Drew welcome Matt
Now walk on it
Heart; word stir
Art murder
Wow! Chalk on it

See posin’ oar poison?
Sea frozen erosion number line sewn

Know wonder mind blown
Show thunder sign shown

If looks could kill she would kill time
Wood kill tree; good quill rhyme
More; “GOoD wheel hunting”
Inn a “kNew York minute” is hood steel fronting?

eYE SuppoSE Eye choSE Eye SeE Time juxtaposed adjust the clothes inn yoUniforms two yoUnicorns inn sheepskin yoUnique blend deep pen then peep thin rainbows farting out asses; ass stain glows darting out classes; past lane shows smart bring doubt. Ask this:
If we measure time inn a grand ole second; butt time is a nanosecond; how many mock grand mini clock hands would you “NOW” need?
Wow! SpEEd! How long wheel ewe take to make if it’s a millionth of a sec; go check; eYE LL wait…
Make that a billionth of a sec



It’s almost eleven o’clock until yal ghost
See rev pen grow cock-a-doodle-doo
Spin Slow “tock” a dude soul grew


Throw rock
A noodle knew
A Doodle Drew

Pencil Dock the poodle poo 💩

Know more lost inn time Atari’s
“I’m sorry’s” oar Salvador Dali’s melting clocks
Lassie’s ass sees collie’s callLIES felt sting blocks

Eye see eye cannot resist two see sum things that due knot exist

Iris blind eye risk time
Ignorance bigger chance sew eye bliss mind
Numbers don’t lie; clocks true due
Mythological this flow logical
When you run out of ticks show logic

Ten two safety
Pen drew basically

Butt Doc Spock knew

Crop circles
Clock works slow

~~~✂~~Cutting Room Floor~~✂~~

Two cut the rhyme mess confusion; time is a timeless illusion

eye see she “tock-tied” because she’s clocK EYed that’s knot wise

eye see God is up two her old tricks of selling gold bricks
Yelling; “fold” ticks
Now we’re off two see the Wizard of Ozzzebrah ozzz born

Translation rat race how that rat taste?
It’s amazing! Lee a maze zing
Know pun intended

Sum see an increment of time
Sun see an instrument of chime
Son Lee scan excrement of slime
Some be scam; detriment love crime

Time stank ain’t the shit it’s the extra scent

*Love rhyme

She wears her heart on her hands

Eye’m superstitious; time blooper suspicious

Smoking gun
Choking run!
Eye’m joking; DOne!

Time is playing hopscotch sew drop watch how ewe gonna measure time displaying a stopwatch
This iller quiller is a thriller

*crop crotch

Before Michael; Michael; Michael and Michael go psycho on cycle
Swap tock; switch tick
Which Iron eye run Mike?
Write pick Like pic of quite quick Mike Vick;
Butt the other Mike’s sLick up up end tHE aIR somewhere there’s a tattoo see of that “two three” on Nike’s dick; hung stout tongue out

*Likes lick

And the other Mike is up inn here
Brother Mike wassup pen hear you the “real deal” up end ear
And eyE GOt Michael Myers that psycho’s higher than giraffe pew nan knee
Like flow flyer span her raft


Fan me

Wear waS EyE eYE LLost track of time…

HEaR IS Killshot all call the” Smoking Gun”

Eye’m joking sun butt
Don’t you need a “start watch”?.!
And eye see sum lames playing games knot saying names stop watch is wOne inn the same
Run pen the claim on the dONkey
WhiLE Eye pen the tale poem the one key ass the moon and the sun see

Edward Lee Melvin Jr.... Lee-thal!!... Eye-KNOW u See Something in This Picture Challenge!...

I challenge you.

Mav; that’s sew funKnee eye forgot two laugh; you must be doing that knew math

That trick funKnee you must think eye’m a bic dummy

Ewe are the author of my confusion
Time is only an illusion

The two hands of time are quicker than the eyes
kNew strands of rhyme scar sicker than the cries; far slicker than the dries star sticker scaN A Prize then hand the wise twelve fossils; butt call them “numbERs”
Along width twelve apostles just call them tumblers
Now keep it safe
Wow deep git fake

eye see wOne thing fore certain; there is know grandfather clock behind the curtain
Eye am highly convinced time is nonsense

Eye’m calm pen writing rhyme psalm
She’s a time bomb inciting crime qualm

Sharing a rhyme reLEasE
At the risk of scaring the time “see” freaks
I believe inn a dime piece wearing a timepiece; butt ass far ass”real” time?
eYE A.M. out!..
Spy cam “doubt”
Sew inn a matter of time that fabric has two many holes threw mini wholes inn id although eye due agree that time has coat of many colors…
10.02.2022 8:33pm

Lines of time behind a clock face
Knock trace
Cock chase
Rock grace
Dock race
Mock lace
Lock safe

Eye don’t know much about time; butt eye see it won’t weight on two hands let alone three blind traps

Ass mind naps rhyme wraps time lapse
Two hand strings no patience grew standing ovations wild mime claps

Voice from God…

Ass the truth spin it’s provin’
Eye’ve come two the conclusion Eye’m the confusion
Time is only an illusion

OfcourSE Time is a cult;
Butt that’s partiallee God’s fault
God created man
Sod cremated sand

Time predated line
Blind sedated mind

Our fast hands pass hourglass sands threw fingertips
Alarm clocks the harm blocks’ press the snooze button
Press the news; what fun!
Lee’s being extra extra read all about it
He clock the tock; butt drop the rock when he doubt tick

By the time you buy your time two bye time
That is when your bye-owe-logic-call clock begins

Giving knew birth two life and death

Is ticks sick tricks or physics?

Eye cant believe Eve returning over knew leaves
Paint she aint a Saint; butt Adam’s know Drew Bree’s
They just slow “Newbies”
The truth stings like two bees

eYE SeaS Sew mUch?.!

Lee you tale Mav who tail ass wheel start wearing a watch

Watch me wear a watch whenever time moves…

Sense we’re all pretending eye see time descending out of eye sockets like skyrockets on the fourth of new lie win ewe lie


Time is a dragon
Patience wheel make time drag on
Puff magic dragon…

Eye see all of time
Now eye see Pandora’s Clock
Eye sea waves of ink

Eye see nothing Mav
Like Shultz on Hogan’s Heroes
Look the other way


This word is an illusion
Strikes like hour time…

See Carpe Diem
eye see A.M. and P.M.
Seize the day write now…

eYE Am that eye A.M.
eYE Am older than your God
End the beginning…

Past; Present; Future
Time is two dimensional
Think outside the clock…

Captain Obvious see  Batman obviouslee Robbin God pen
Time is even on your side sew odd win

That’s cool never
You’re either cool oar clever

Eye see the end of time
The end of mind butt know end two rhyme

Ink away rhyme ass eye ink a weigh time two keep things balanced
Eye’m Two deep brings talents

If time is real

eye see Stonehenge zone binge threw the wrong lense

Eye see a woman’s work a woman’s worth; sum Roman’s search like roam hands due
eye steeL AWaiting two the clock strikes two

Eye knew my clue win eye drew haiku eye saw two heart hands threw art glands
Cry raw; hue part strands grew chart plans

Eye see an oasis of show faces inn know places
Her facade mirage

Women invented the concepts of time sew we would conceptually spend it on them…

Sum pun intended
Plumb fun pen blended

Copy reckons eye sea sloppy seconds
Chop Lee necks then oar my next pen
Pour cry text kin and barbeecue
Is time real mime quill eye hardlee knew

Chalk walk crime bloody
Eye did a time study of my id like eye’m DudLee and eye kid; butt eye’m not Arthur rhyme smart sir art stir author
Fate call stolen eye see an eight ball 🎱 rollin’ weight yal scrollin’
Hate crawl trollin’

This is the construction of time
Con fuck
Sum love rhyme

Call booms
Ball shrooms
Sea flow rhyme spills; fall blooms!
She show time heals all wounds sew she shields ill wheel feels inn small wombs
Note astounded both grounded moat surrounded bye tall tombs quote bound lead wrote found dead
Sly crawl looms

eye see God inadvertently recreated time when he created pain

Leethal believe people created time when Eve created that time of the month

What if your hot swatch watch got demagnetized
Lee; Mav wit prized

If you believe inn time eye have summm swamp land plot sir for sale
Dumb stomp grandfather clock

Time is something else oar else time is nothing stealth

By/buy/bye the time ewe understand the concepts of time; you’re over it

God created the gift of time when he saw us wanting two know it all then on DAy wOne *which we are still on
“NOw rewrap your heads around tHAt!.. Okay let’s wrap this BItCh up!..

Fact told;
Eye see a black soul near a black hole
Light see attract old

There lies a fine line sign find; we scene between a.m. and p.m.
Sew inking shelve powers away
Bro thinking twelve hours a day

My temple’s God is timeout
Between my temple’s God is time end

Eye was not born wearing a watch; butt eye was born to watch

Eye see time is mythical rhyme kiss mystical like clock crystal ball

“Because time is inn hour DNA Lee pen say we are all reborn into slavery…”

The devil made me DUE iT…

Two stop clock confusion; time is onlie an illusion

Eye decided TwO Play dumb width cray son; because it would be weigh fun recreating write chapter breath life after death sense the ending comes first

Ink leaking eye thinking speaking of the the fake stuff
If eye said wake up time is just make up would this shake up your belief system
More relief missed ‘em

This rapture chapter captures the LEvEl the devil was digging like a shovel being “All knowing” butt width horns all showing seething  knot seeing seemingly opt seeing “All glowing”

Sew being a fraud Lucifer on Day One asked God two; “Let there be light…”

*set stare see sight

Yes eye saw satan waitin’ fore me two turn the lights on sew he could sea it all and buy satan i mean self doubt. Win eye created the sun we two gave birth two time. Eye ron nick call lee after someone said eye said put know other God before me. FrankLee my dears inn headlights; eyedon’tgiveadayum; butt sense then the only congregation worshiping the sun god are the sun bods. It’s funKnee two me just because eye turned on the lights that earthlings can take a two dimensional snapshot of a 24 hour illusion.
If you want two see the truth; the sun is the true god. We see the proof everyday. We can fabricate a sundial and get lost inn the shadows oar allow two clock hands to orchestrate hour every move butt end the “now” the sun will not stand the test of time

Time is an absence of uncommon senses…

Sense time is play though eye playdough play dough Plato
eYE Promise two Nostradamus
Fuck time; butt
keep it platonic

Share this bottle from Aristotle
Oar a Paris model
If Eiffel Tower stifle power pare this model

Mav; you’re a sick person!..
Is this shit to bic script from this pic a trick question?.!

Eye see eye’m late time weights; anything beyond Day One state blind dates

Eye see beginning pretending two come before the ending

Lee sure God grinning
Yal ready?


Eye already said; “eye am the Alpha and the Omega…”

“The ending of the beginning already happened; it just hasn’t reached us yet…”

If something eye state make sense; fake dense sew the powers that be don’t sour at me fate stake tense

Eye see a timeline width a dime sign plus SEvEn SEnsE

Look Ma know hands
Oddly even width three show hands they’re “still” slow hands

When you live bye the clocK EYe felt you have two live width the hands you are dealt; butt just remember:

Eye see paint bye numbers
Spy sea saint cry wonders
Teardrop watermarks year chop hotter sparks
Peer; crop dotter darks
Hear pop; daughter barks
Dear shop plot her sharks
Fear knot; otter harks

There is know eye inn team; butt there is a “ha” inn cHAllenge

There is know twomorrow only
“now” and “then”

The only truth about time is it
haS A LinE…


Leethal!!!!…Bro, you are simply AMAZING! 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nobody, and I mean nobody creatively puts pen to pad like you do…The line should stretch back through time for your rollercoaster rides, man…Excellent! ✌🏾

Disdain!!!… Bro; your words touched me deepLee… The cliffnoted version is ever since our poetic tribe lost “the Original” Ghetto Soul Poetry I no longer have that positive “real” consistent feedback that makes you want to continue what you see you were put on this 3rd rock to do. Many times I feel like that alien that we wrote about in; “Four flew over the coo-coo’s nest…” That is still one of my all-time favorite group collaborations. I’m still trusting in the yoUniverse that my lost verse from G.S. will someday emerge from one of my archives…
Speaking of archives; thank you for your inKspiration… You wrote a few scribes that eye responded to six years ago; butt they are buried somewhere deep in my archives. I’m hoping to find and share them with you someday. I do not remember what was written; but it felt like being on the verge of a masterpiece or a masterless piece without the peace from the master. They were written after my sister Sharon passed so eye was writing through issues eye was having with God remastered; because it shook my be-LIE-f system. I had to back away from that energy because I felt like God was allowing me to scribe about him sideways; butt was on the verge of getting his wrath on… eye saw it raining locusts in my future forecast and my umbrella only had the rod and the hook which was the “catch”… Send out sum energieS EyE refind sum others lost words…

Edward Lee Melvin Jr. Bro, I feel you with every fiber of my being. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister. My sister also passed, in 2017…Then the tornadoes, Trump Sh*t, this pandemic, wholesale nonsense from local to worldwide, etc…I think I’m an empathic spirit who literally feels EVERYTHING, the Good, Bad, & ugly (smh while lol)…It’s like I’m hanging on for dear life, but to what, I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♂️
But I do think all of us reconnected, with this outlet, at this time, will go a long way toward the therapy I clearly need (lol) and hopefully may help provide…I sincerely appreciate our camaraderie through the years. And may the Most High continue to Bless Us All. ✌🏾❤️


Yoooooo..My fav...🫴.((("This rusty rust sea must bee dust tea trust me cancel culture" ))) ....💀.... 🔥... Lee .... 👁️ Am speechless 😶....🫰

Wassup Bo$$y!.. Thank you for coming through. I appreciate you for pointing out your favorite line. eye say sew much I would not know what to choose. You made me study over that line to see if it could possibly be my fave line too. I remember writing it in my head because I like the sounds and imagery of cancel culture and can smell vulture. I didn’t say that; butt eye am going to have to revisit that section. It’s not my fave line butt I did go back and sculpt it a bit so hopefully you like it even better now(*Smile)
Cliffnoted version;eye responded to your scribe in “Poetry Train”
 “Where did the love go??” and almost got banned from Facebook?!? Thank you for your continued inKspiration,,,

Edward Lee Melvin Jr.
Ladii Bossii wassup Bossy! I scribed a response to; “Where did the love go” and it’s been marinating in my archives. I’m about to drop it now. Thank you for your inKspiration 6 years later

Here is the link to it. I don't want to try to drop it again and get all of my 1st Amendment rights taken by fakebook haha

Edward Lee Melvin Jr.  Yoooooo you inked bananas on that one much I have to say
... Idk where to start ... 🤔...((("Bye Felicia.... Hush Heather"))) 🤣🤣...💀...

 [ Wear did hour love go?

I don’t know?

Sum wear beneath knee deep we peak the driven snow falling appalling width written flow; wear Adam and Eve dare phathom and leave;

Butt they a know it know

Because we love bae say Geronimo

Burn lawn gem grow

Turn dawn them glow

Yearn yawn REM slow].....🤚


>>>>>> Eye am your Leethal; you are my equal

Before NyQuil Lee store my quill

eye freequel

Wear did hour love go?

You know wear it went;

The same place that wasted time spent.

Cat tasted rhyme vent

Map traced lead; crime sprint thyme scent

eye’mmm min t

Is this version bull; virgin wool oar sheep's posing width peeps nose ring inn sheep's clothing the chapter after vice sacrifice more deep loathing

Wear did the love exit above the nexus?

*checks bus

If this pen has reached the end is ex-trust the next us?.>>>))).....

🚶.....🎤.... Speech Less so I speak Less .. . 🫰🫰🫰🫰🥰


Hold...up hold the phone da house damn, now it's a reunion dayum good to read you work again brother this manus opus set the right tone-Laz

Thanks Laz for rising from the Lead to come check out my “Magnum Opus”. Any time eye am amongst G.S. Legends; it’s a blessed reunion. Thank you in advance for more inKspiration my brother!..


Duuuuuude!!!! whut theeeee fuck!!!!!
from Quantum Physics, leaping and seeing different dimensions with Worded Portals...and Secret Mav Messages...
Eye Seeing Wonder-full Worlds melodies in this hymnal breeze...time memorable art-pieces woven into diction where Wizards of Ozmosis meet & greet... and then...... we take a trip on Lee-thal-Shrooms...


I mean... I use "gnats-ass metaphors"...but... GeeZeus; Harry & Hotep!
hahaha....ok...I'm digressing...but this was The Pause Part of this Poetic Trip...and it's been A MINUTE since I allowed your worlds/words to Invade My Space!..haha..which is all we're doing... Speaking of Measured Space...

then came THE HAIKU'S!!! BRILLIANT!!!...and right on  Occult Time!...or should I say.. After your breakdown of Fake Space Delusions...then conclude with more... You Gotta Be Kiddin Me Mav with this Challenge Quest-shun...

Skillfully breaking down The Illusion to Press & De-Press-shuns ...on The Characters of  deluded-space!!!...

bruhh....This was Brilliant... Creative AF!!... which is always the case with your writings...

...and it needs to be Re-Visited because I Know... I missed some  great In-Sight!....

Thank You for Entertaining My Challenge! Whew!

Wassup Mavvvvvvv!!! I truelee appreciate how far yoU Pushhhh my pen! eyes have definitely been expanded since the challenging days of Area 25 and accepting the blue or red pill… eye always forget two remember which two pick?  I think it was REaD? I thoroughly enjoyed your poetic critique. One of the things I miss about the glory days of G.S. was the poetic feedback . Especially from the poets I had much respect and admiration for. Your feedback pushed me to scribble a few more challenges that I will finish at a later date. I’m in the midst of writing another autobiography; but these poetry challenges are a welcomed inner mission intervention  intermission. I love poetry because it gives me;
*Pen chant
that “Lift Bic Nation” instant gratification!..
I would say eye did not intend to invade your space like space invaders; butt I do tend to get
s p a c e d out whenever eYE Pick up the pen.
Hey; sum fun pun intended; but eye’m that Type Writer width a bic
 [ ;s    ;p    a;    c;    e;  ]   [b][a][r]
eye now see higher than a cat puss see standing on top of giraffe pun nan knee.
eYE LLike that!.. wheN EWe recreate kNew words you’re speaking my language. I did not include it in my cutting room floor; butt inn my mind eye see you are (((ZeUS/Godd/mORpheUS))) depends on what “now” it is.
“Wizard of Osmosis” pretty much summmS EwE up inn three nutshells…

*insert a blewblue pill; a redread pill and yell low pee-L

eye see ewe now hiding behind the big REaD curtain giggling; holding your bic like
Madd mAvrick X

Continue being “a muse sing” my brother!..
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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