A tale of sleep paralysis

Let us pray for the daylights shield out of fear of nighttime’s sword. J.I.G…..

After I liiedown and pray for forgiveness and assistance that never comes.
I begin floating into divine warmth and comforting clouds. Sleep should be a well recognized feeling person to person.But it’s a feeling well served and well deserved for all.
fucking Bathed in Egyptian cotton naked While The hour glass of today becomes slowly ignored.
And My body’s destruction is not forgotten
 but restored.
My exhausted rest.

Into a state of unknowingly blissfulness.
(Black out)
 I am in the lost and found ……….

Exhausted and stolen souled.
Flowing 5 point darkness begins growing cold.
The foul entities Appetite voracious and starving.
Expanding forever bold. .
 Ancient insidious agenda of perverted pAssage.
Unnatural sermons of damnation and
Of grieving supernatural damage.
The stout flat black mass is closing in….
(Breathing)unconscious (unaware)
           …Could this be the weakness of one’s soul.?
Could it be the home? I don’t know?
Could this be the spirit board I forgot to say goodbye?
      Or Maybe hello?
Jesus! God help me.
It has stolen my breath.
For better or for worse?
Sleep? Or for death?
I reach so deeply and desperately into
The strength I possess!
To expand my arrested lungs!
Clinging onto the rungs of near end!
Struggling to open my eyes!
((((Blurred out )))),I glimpse distortedly into the dark shadowing
Stick figure entity that’s standing over and loving my demise. And strangling my exsistance through black hollow eyes.
Sinister long limbs twisting around my life force
Like dead invasive vines
Wrapping taught around my neck.
Squeezing its last drop of fight.
I’m now descending into an uncontrollable black
Slimy Pit. Full of darkness and handicap.
A demons game of Pure evil and unfairness.
And then,just as quickly as the attack came, the dark waves receded into the corners of shadows. And my wind came back in full stride as I sat up and felt a pounding inside my chest deep inside.
I waited until the sun warmed my face with the morning light,and I rose from my bed and moved into the daylight to live another day.
Written by jigg82
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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