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Touch Screen

I caught myself rubbing
the edge of the screen
Just a slight nudging
with my thumb
as if you'd move, or blink.
As if I could slide
your hair away
from your eyes
So I could have
a closer look at you
through this one way mirror
that you offer me.

Does your breath pause,
at the sight of me,
like mine does
at the sight of you?
While your eyes are locked open
and mine flutter, like a moth
wanting to be
on your end of the light.
It's no brighter, or darker,
It's yours, and
that makes me want it
achingly so.

What if you did, blink
What if your hand met mine
from your side of the glass
like a mermaid's
in an aquarium.
It would not be
a cold and flat screen
It would be the sting
of a scorpion's
in a terrarium.
Oh I'd feel it through glass!
My senses are ripe
all the time.
I'd notice your arching
claws and tail.
I'd thrill to be stung.
It would be the first shot
of building my tolerance
to all that you bring.
I'd expose every nerve
inside of me,
and let you have your way
with me.
I'd thrive, as if
you were medicine
for these aches.
Because nothing is poison
to the famished.

Your eyes are penetrating me
You don't even know
how I look away,
just to look again
at you.

What if you did, just blink;
I'd tilt this screen
on it's side
I'd have all of our words
fall out, into my hand
And I'd rub them
onto my skin, wearing you
like an erotic book
of a desert nymph's
And I'd place my marker
on the favorite pages.

I'd show you
it all does fit, somehow.
Miles are only finite
as we inspire ourselves

Just blink,
I dare you
I beg you
Our eyes will reopen
and when we touch our screens,
the ripples will blur reality.

I swear I saw something
Show me, it's you.

Written by Styxian
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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