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Ph. D.

a story, in verse


My college sex-life was a bore
By co-eds, one and all, ignored
A spineless chump who couldn’t score
With knob too small to bulge my drawers
The butt of jokes at school

Too meek and mild to get a job
I stayed in school, a lonely slob
An over-educated snob
A big degree, a tiny knob
And puny family jewels

That’s how it came to be
My Ph. D. in History
A tiny knob, a big degree
And puny family jewels

Although I’m not well-hung
I've compensated some
I got my Ph. D.
Still, girls won't talk to me


Cashing-in my big degree—
Adjunct Professor Hiree
For teaching Ancient History
Increased my horny misery
Young co-eds can be cruel

Initially, I was afraid
When coquettes came and asked for aid
And bribed with sex to get an A
Until one day I made that trade
And screwed a scrumptious fool!

That’s how it came to be
My life of Carnal Mastery
A tiny knob, a big degree
And puny family jewels

Although I’m not well-hung
I found my source of fun!
‘Consulting’ one-on-one
With co-eds, tight and young


My first co-ed began to brag
And soon I had more chicks to shag
A dozen honeys in the bag
Until my knob began to sag
Exhausted little tool!

My lusty harem paid for grades
By taking turns at getting laid
My flaccid knob could not dissuade
Fellatio to render aid
And kiss my family jewels

That’s how it came to be
Sometimes I'd bang out two or three
A tiny knob, a big degree
And puny family jewels

Although I’m not well-hung
And oft too limp to cum
I still enjoyed the tongues
Of co-eds, tight and young


The rumor spread ‘cross campus fast
And lazy co-eds swarmed my class
They'd beg me for an easy pass
In exchange for tits and ass
And blowjobs after school

Until one co-ed’s blackmail trick—
That dominatrix snapped a pic
A selfie as she sucked my dick!
Now I’m the one who must submit
To She, Who Makes the Rules!

That’s how I came to be
Her humble bitch on bended knee
A tiny knob, a big degree
And puny family jewels

Because I’m not well-hung
She makes me use my tongue
And half my paycheck, too
To keep that pic from view!


No longer banging babes at school
Young dominatrix treats me cruel
Her cage locked on my tiny tool
Revealed to all, I'm minuscule
I'm forced to play the fool

Every morning after class
My bossy domineering lass
Then dons a strap-on made of brass
And pegs her bitch’s servile ass—
Behind my desk, at school!

That’s how I came to be
The brunt of co-ed mockery
A tiny knob, a big degree
And puny family jewels

By her allure enthralled
Before her feet I crawled
My servitude begun
Pic—Shown to Everyone!

The faculty—Appalled!
Lampooned throughout the school
By Mistress, young and cruel

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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