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frustration & Desperate feelings

To be an unloved person
A feeling of hate
Faced with this being
So much faith rejected
Through all these past days
how to be loved
By him, who is so wild...

I fought
The hardest
But the "let go"
This fact more and more keep
And I released...
Today so desperate
what did i do to her
So that she takes his defense constantly...

I feel misunderstood
This leads me to do some stupid things
Some image comes to my mind
As I tried to make them disappear

Talking about it will help me
But I can't push them down
And tell me to listen
In my pain
there is no more happiness
Put a weight on their backs
That there is no choice
I want to see my angels only in joy...

We told me
That my presence is a chance
that over time
They forgot their suffering
But in my turn I have a breakdown of meaning
I scatter a bit like ashes

I was invited to join the happiness
I'll stay there for hours
But how to enter if I have more heart
But what resentment
Because of his beings who only cause misfortunes...

Yes, I said "must smile"
Yes I said you have to live
Yes, I said "you have to fight for life"
For those who will still suffer

But today I convince myself otherwise
That life is fleeting
That it's a long fight that will remain eternal
But when the courage is no longer there how to do...

This is not an extraordinary poem
This is not a poem of tenderness
It's just a poem of distress
While writing it, I feel borderline uncomfortable.

I know I will have other worries
But how to fight those who are near
Who seems so "disunited" to me
And who proves to me by certain words that I am misunderstood...

So much screaming in my head
Like fierce screams at a party
Everybody is holding my head
No one tries to know me anymore
I have already suffered so much in my own way...

Suicide is among me
But I know it's over
is not good advice
Already tried many times
I can guarantee it could be worse
And be twice as badly misunderstood...
But why am I doing them again these last few days...

I play this game, the game of laughing
I play this game, that of creating a future
I play this game, to deny "suicide"
I play this game, not to think about dying

But when will the truth come
Once I disappear
Will love me so much once gone
Or will I be left to rate as an old memory?

I know if that day comes
Despite my motto of "positive"
I'll keep that fake smile
To keep pleasing my friends..
Written by moroccanpoet
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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