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This Ritual Repeats Each Night

a story, in verse

My Dominatrix claims a price more costly than a wife
Her levy: I must subjugate my will to hers, for life
And prove devotion far surpassing pain and sacrifice
My Cock and Balls, an offering laid bare across her knife!

My ample sex surrendering to beauty lithe and proud
She takes great joy in conquering a man so well-endowed
She wields erotic psychic skill that draws me to her flame
Much like a moth that lost its will in light so bright it maims

My manhood burgeons draped across her dagger, keenly honed
I contemplate the grievous loss my Mistress now condones
A sacrifice I fear to bear; yet, tendered every night
Beneath my Lady’s icy glare: she’s cocksure—I’m contrite
This ritual repeats each night, imperiled on her blade
With haughty smile, she claims the right to take a Eunuch Slave!
She pauses, contemplating my castration’s reason why—
To safeguard my fixation on her lust instead of mine

Electrified, my breathing slows as Mistress moves her wrist
I gingerly rise on my toes, and wait to be dismissed
Admiring my Contribution, heavy in her hand
The choice is hers: to leave It be, or else leave me unmanned

She lifts my hefty treasures yet still higher on her steel
To thoroughly inspect their bulk and sexual appeal
Then gives my Offering Her Kiss, an omen of good luck—
Permission to remain a man, approving of Its pluck

In gratitude that, one more day, my manhood may endure
I supplicate, this debt to pay, with lips and tongue adjure
That she'll consent to adoration’s kiss between her legs
From one whose masculinity is trained to kneel and beg

Her hand can feel my swelling pride—she brings restraint to bear
Behind my back, my arms she ties, and chides me to prepare
Aroused erect before her, poised to taste her whip and crop
With docile meekness I accept the scourging of my Cock

It’s just because she chose to let me keep these Cock and Balls
This punishment reminds us both, the choice was hers because
She knows I crave to service her by Cock instead of Tongue—
I am her favored worshipper—she likes that I'm well-hung!
She whips my Phallus sharply and my Balls are not ignored
Machismo fully broken and her dominance restored
My cries of pain and passion mark the cracking of her whip
And seasoned with her laughter as she flagellates my Dick

With tears of torment streaming down my falsely stoic face
As searing-hot humiliation burns between by legs
My pride incinerated—sorely chastened—hanging slack
She'll pause until this agony has settled in my Sac

The penis whipping ends when my erection fades away
She’ll calmly kneel to kiss Its head and then I’ll hear her say
“Yet even when It hangs there, limp, It’s still a fine display!”
Then winks at me suggesting she might ride on It one day

I wince with every touch upon my manhood, sore and raw
Until dismissed, I'll stand here mum and clench my teeth and jaws
My Mistress is unhurried as she smiles at me because
She knows the terror and the pain have settled in my Balls

She lingers for a moment to admire her vanquished prize
By fingering this Trophy Set she owns between my thighs
Though limp, she notes Its length and girth astonishingly grand
Then palms my loaded Scrotum, heavy Ballock in each hand

So tender after whipping, Genitalia once demeaned
Absolved by her caress, sore Testicles are now redeemed
This glimmer of affection quickly melts into thin air
My Dominatrix, once again, resumes her haughty glare

"Enough of this!" she blurts while calmly drawing back her leg
I've learned it's senseless folly to resist, or dodge, or beg
This evening's last indignity my Mistress will inflict
I close my eyes and clench my thighs, preparing for The Kick

Her lovely foot marauds my raw and throbbing tender crotch
My Ballocks are not ruptured, but it's still a mighty shock
I crumple to the floor, convulsions ravaging my guts
Conceding to this sadist passion savaging my Nuts

She gives me but a moment to compose myself, and then
Commanded to roll on my back, defenseless once again
With legs spread wide, my withered pride presented for her view
With Cock in stripes of red, and Scrotum bruised in black and blue

She kneels between my legs and deems my punishment complete
My shriveled manhood, limp and sagging, yielding in defeat
Now, small enough to go back in the steel cage, cold and tight
I worry that my Cock and Balls might miss tomorrow night!

Securely locked in chastity, ensuring I behave
I'm grateful that she holds My Key: How dominance is played!
I tremble that some night It might not earn Her Sparing Kiss—
And end my dreams to fuck her
And my means to stand and piss!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
Author's Note
I originally wrote this a year ago as a 4 stanza treatment of the idea. I was always a bit unsatisfied with the result, so I have now expanded the narrative into a story.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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