Twisted Lolita

Twisted Lolita
- A Love Poem

My lovely Kara, so beautiful, and so handsome,
All that I desire, all that I crave, all that I want!
You are truly male and female, perfectly divine,
In ways that you probably do not entirely know.
Let me please you my beloved, with my tongue,
Drink from my cute mouth like a blessed font!
Sip from the grail between my legs so sublime,
So I can upon you all of sweet paradise bestow.

Oh how I want you, more with each passing day,
I want you to dress me up, so we can both play!
Set me on your lovely lap, then feel me all over,
Whisper naughty things to me, my unholy lover!
You can be my daddy, and I'll be your little girl,
Squeeze my young ass, and take me for a whirl!
I am sick, I am twisted, I am mad and depraved,
But your name is upon my heart deep engraved!
I carved it there by myself, with a blade of flame,
Now I am marked as your own, free from shame.

You have no idea, how often I think about you,
All through the long week, and on Sunday due!
That is when I speak blasphemies in your name,
But only the truth, much to the Church's shame!
You are the only god whose praises I sing loud,
I am your sacred harlot, and of that I am proud!
Just a strange little girl who can never grow up,
Whose love is the banquet upon which you sup!
Devour my soul, my devilish daddy, ever mine,
It was always yours, since the dawn of all time.

My lovely Kara, I know you adore me anyway,
Despite that people say that I am crazy after all!
You like my pretty dresses and my pigtails too,
And like to watch me when I lick my lollipops.
Lolita likes her lollies, and the sky during day,
But she loves her Kara more, in love I still fall!
In love with you, wicked daddy, eternally true,
Daddy Kara, on this crazy train, nothing stops.

We'll keep going and going, until all goes boom!
The world can explode, the Earth and the moon.
So long as I can be, your silly girl, forever after...
Let madness fall upon all, with joyous laughter!
Written by Sybil_StarWitch (Sybille Anne Martin)
Author's Note
Dedicated with love, devotion, and lots of cutesy kisses to:
Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
Because Kara is totally my babe!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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