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The Dance of The Sidhe

If I should write of you what would I say
You are imaginings glimpsed on the far sailed sea
A golden strand of sea foamed sand  
And sky of warmer blue, the sea breeze of my soul  
Grass waving on the dunes, sunlit highlights in your hair  
Vagrant strands dancing on the breeze  
Here in the warmth, the wash, and the breeze  
I bask, soul stirred, before the undiscovered country  
What springs and winters lie behind your eyes  
Where all now seems the rich, deep green of flowered summer  
Is it the fae in you which seems to dance away  
To unknown tune your spirit sings to my heart a!one  
For there's music when you're near, and magic in your eyes  
Here in the wild borders somewhere beyond all that I had known  
I see anew, yet long to see only you  
Skin softly, warmly yielding  
Your hand small within my own, fingers entwined  
Do birds sing and dart or even wheel  
The world turns and everything's changed  
A day as bright as your laughter and your smile  
Bewitched, I cannot phrase it well  
But your lips soft beckon me  
Your face in my hands  
Soft the first brush as our lips touch  
Yours the blush of rose  
Then softer still, as mine melt into yours  
Your breath, my breath, lost, shared  
One in the same in delicious sigh  
A kiss slow in parting yet you fiercely held against me  
Feeling the rush and crash of the waves in your heartbeat  
The primal rhythm of your soul  
There's so much I want to know in this new land  
This world you call your own  
Our spirits dancing between the sand and foam
Written by AverageJoe (Average Joe. AJ. Joe)
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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