Blissful ignorance burdened by truth

Incomplete and broken all to pieces without peace
Lost in this crease with no release
 Increasingly living predeceased
 Will this beast that feasts on my decrease ever cease
 Will I ever really rest in peace complete at least
 To be awoken and unbroken and in one piece
 Lumpty chumpty was behind the eight ball with his back to the wall
 Stalled to a crawl from all the hardships that enthralled
 Lumpty chumpty said fuk it all y'all when he recalled what he saw
 Scrawled on the wall written real small
 Coming down from a come down
 A downfall that no man transcends
 And all the king's forces
 And all the Queen's friends
 Couldn't put Lumpty Chumpty back together again
 Cathartic and caustic as this chaos turns to art within me
 Speaking hard truths or whispering little white lies
 Cross my scarred heart hope to die alive and unhigh
 Stick a dull rusty needle in my dilated eye
 Perpetuate the purging of the urge
 That emerged urgently in a blur from the scourge
 In the surging splash from the splattering splurge
 I diverged to converge
 Surgically Like a surgeon
 With the iceberg from the herd
 Disturbed and perturbed
 I preferred to defer now I confer
 As I lie dying inside my own carcass
 As it seems to be my catharsis
 Completely falling all the way apart from this
 Becoming heartless feeling arctic as fuk it sux
 On a black cloud stuck
 With no silver lining
 From this profoundly unfound sidewinding
 Off with my timing as it's binding up
 My empty cup in hand
 Parched with an unquenchable thirst
 Supplied by the demand
 Susceptible to the burst
 Suspectable with a blasphemous curse
 Optimistically feeling quite skeptical
 To accept from this spectacle what was once unacceptable
 Since I bloomed from the womb
 Under this overcast of doom
 My wounded mind has been a tomb
 The crowd is getting loud in here Now there's no more room
 The truth resides inside right here
 There within is where it looms
 The allure is for sure the disease from a plague that has no cure
 Then it's just a matter of how much one can endure
 Just face it you can't to turn it down so write it down
 It's alright that they all was right
 When everyone and everything has left
 And there's nothing left that's right or worth the fight
 When all that's left is black and blacker
 Because there's no more white
 After all the regretting with remembering and forgetting
 You will have to take what you get
 You can take the left where there's nothing right or take a right where there's nothing's left
 Swallowed up alive turning blue holding my breath
 Down deep in my crypt I crept
 Keeping step like keepsakes with each misstep I kept
 Within the divers God forsaken depths of this meth induced death
 In a failed contest F"d with the F
 There is no hero or sequel
 Absolute zero is the equal to this prequel
 Now there's a burning from this learning
 Upon returning from the slide
 There's a churning that's concerning
 Amidst the turning of the tide
 We can be discerning and try to stay away from strife
 Divide and try to strive to stay alivek
 Most will stray back just to connive get high and die
 As the rest will wander way out yonder
 To dive inside the darkness outside without the drive and compromise
 But without their inside light revived
 Hope won't help with a way out no one provides
 Back from that long dark train ride
 They will not arrive
 They will not survive
 All was for not in a melting pot
 Slipping on a slick spot In a hot box
 Boiled to a dry as the slipknot came untied to coincide from what's derived
 Frayed loose ends will never sever
 This endeavor is forever and every end is tightly tied
 Blow a kiss to the sky
 Say good night bye-bye why ask why
 Terrified by horror
 The day of reckoning rectifies
 I confess I let it get to me
 I let it rip out my insides
 As these pulsating aches painfully take shape
 These vibes and sensations sinfully never will subside
 Father's sigh mother's cry sons and daughters are vilified
 The truth it stands alone and by that I stand beside
 Determined are the decisions that are destined to decide
 Indiscriminate and unbiased with great detail they do describe
 How others before have tried have cried have lied to die
 Who's fooling who
 From the flip side they abide
 Behind this high no one can hide
 Replies we once relied on now implicate that we lied
 Defied by our own darkness
 Defined and defiled In unreconciled denial I did confide
 Deeds done in the dark will see the light which we despise as pride collides
 From atop my darkened doorsteps
 I'll leave no body to exhume
 I'm not going out with a bang
 I'm thinking more like KABOOM BOOM
 As the gloom inside consumes me and buries me alive
 The last time I said this is the last time now it's the next time I got high
 Besides the sanctified truth of our words what else do we stand beside
 The one and only thing that remains intact exact
 That never retracts or lacks
 With transparency without discrepancy
 Authentically it shows
 It's always keeping track
 The truth does not yield or vanish
 Simply because it's been denied
 It keeps score and will settle up
 So let your conscience be your guide
 If you have eyes and ears that perceive and believe
 Perhaps you know the who or why not
 Things can or can't be restored
 However the facts don't cease to exist
 Simply because they are ignored
Written by zinnzinn (ZINNNNIZ)
Published | Edited 13th Nov 2022
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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