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Season Of The Witch

From the dawn of time she came,
Moving malevolently through the centuries.
No-one ever knowing she was among us,
Until now...
For I'm the man, the soul she let slip away,
To tell of her dark legend to all this day.
To abandon virtues for they are gone for good,
All splintered and consumed like mere firewood.
Beware of her and of her dark witchery,
Her sweet of talk seeded with trickery.
Sharpness of tongue casts a necromanced spell,
This devil's daughter from the bowels of hell.
She will lure men in to do her bidding,
All carrion prey for one so unforgiving.
Appearing to all in alluring disguises,
For her a man's lust holds no surprises.
Black magic she channels at her command,
A gatherer of souls throughout every land.
Her deafening death knell for all mankind,
An epoch of fathomless impiety maligned.
Beware of her and the powers she yields,
Of harvested souls upon her killing fields.
Countless times a body is seldom found,
When one's discovered it's strewn around.
This She-Devil, this schemer of vile plans,
A necromancer unkillable by human hands.
An evil Immortal the only one of her creed,
An incarcerator of male souls, never freed.
Sorceress she is and Sorceress she will be,
A sunder and swollen shroud on all humanity.
This spellcaster of overpowering occult order,
A Sorceress who ungodly is Lucifer's Daughter.
Which is Witch
My! My! Aren't you the pretty one!
Your hair so golden and eyes so blue.
Come closer and closer my sweet dear,
Let me take a damn good look at you.
Oh! You fear me for I'm old and wrinkled,
Perhaps you look on me as that Witch.
Who steals a maiden's youth and beauty,
Then gets clean away without a hitch.
I promise you I'm not that wretched witch,
Merely a woman with broomsticks to sell.
Who yearns to touch beauty before I die,
Not steal your looks and cast you to hell.
You foolish old woman you can't see!
For I'm that Witch of which you warn!
And now I'll snatch your life from you!
For a lonely hag none will ever mourn!
Well Witchy pretty one cast your best spell,
To no effect for I'm a wicked old Witch.
For powerful black magic will win and tell,
Now hear the words of a nasty old bitch...
For age before beauty will always win,
You will learn as your  skin does blister.  
As I slowly drain your youth from you,
And cast you to Hell my umbrous sister!
As Darkness Falls
As darkness falls across the land,
The witching hour is now at hand,
Black spells of malice they command,
All souls of innocents they demand,
Such focused hate none can withstand,
It's fiendish flames are fervently fanned,
Their witch's coven does pitilessly expand,
As darkness falls across the land.
The Witchfinder General
Burn accursed witch! Burn!
Drown damned witch! Drown!
I'll slay you each and all!
And free every tainted town!
All my methods are extreme,
So are the ones I seek.
Who hide in every hamlet,
Casting spells upon the meek.
Beware of me and my title,
My punishments all do fear.
Accomplishments never ending,
My retribution is so severe.
God's chosen destructive weapon,
His hands are found in mine.
Endless sorceresses I have slain,
This sisterhood of rank malign.
A vipers nest I did find once,
Who greedily fed upon the young.
My wrath that day was legendary,
Cutting out every witches tongue.
But it didn't just stop there,
Every limb I did hack through.
Each witch gargling for mercy,
Then off came each head too.
On me black magic won't work,
Hexes to enslave and draw me in.
I thrust my hallowed sharp sword,
Through every witches den of sin.
For I'm the Witchfinder General,
Hunting evil throughout every land.
To despatch every witch and coven,
By God's chosen deadly right hand.
A Bewitching Surprise
The creepiest creep of Creepville,
Is back on the prowl again.
Just released from prison,
After a stretch of over ten.
He'll never learn his lesson,
Decency, a mere word to him.
For now it is getter darker,
He seeks yet another victim.
This one is very different,
Unique, not like the rest.
Knowing he'll come calling,
And rid her unwanted guest.
Already outside her bedroom,
As the light inside goes out.
His plan to make her suffer,
To end his ten year drought.
He steals inside her bedroom,
And she is nowhere to seen.
Only a huge blood pentagram,
Drawn by a Black Witch Queen.
Black candles light themselves,
Revealing a famished witch carnivore.
Who smiles and waves her wand,
As he's nailed to the pentagram floor.
Then she starts to lick her lips,
He looks so tasty and so fresh.
Now terrified as she reaches out,
Her hand now inside his flesh...
They never ever found his body,
For women not a loss so tragic.
And the creepiest creep of Creepville,
He simply disappeared by magic.
Witch Hunter!
You've eluded me for countless centuries,
Now finally at last you're mine!
So murderously slippery and darkly hidden,
Your twisted heart I will untwine.
Your bible-black spells will have no affect,
As I slowly slice out your black tongue.
Legions of your ilk all suffered by my hands,
All gleefully tortured by me old and young.
I pop both eyes bleed them of blood,
Devilishly drained them of all powers.
Strangled countless with their long hair,
So very slowly for hours and hours
But you! You are so very, very special to me,
I am so glad you're the very last on my list.
Eternity now finally gifts me your darkness,
And your incantations from a gifted occultist
For you're the Dark Queen Of Witches,
A title you once so ominously did incur.
Hideously slain by me, The Last Warlock,
And I'm eternally twice as evil as her!

Johnny Angel And The Blood Witches Of Bavaria
You will scream my name,
Just before you slowly die.
And learn of my plight,
For Lucifer I did defy...
My earth name is Johnny Angel,
With no halo above my head.
Cast out from deepest Hell,
Where all angels fear to tread.
Once a general of Lucifer's army,
With designs upon his Throne.
Until He read my demon mind,
Seeing seeds that I had sown.
He usually sets a cruel example,
On all who scheme and betray.
But for reasons of His own,
He cast me out without delay.
I now suspect the reason why,
Stored within my dark mind.
A secret for now I will keep,
As I walk among humankind.
I'm trapped between Hell and Heaven,
The only one outcast from both.
Destined to venture on this earth,
Among weak humans who I do loath.
Humans everywhere! Always scurrying,
Always planning and always scheming.
As I read their selfish obtuse thoughts,
In this vile city that is always teeming.
I walk among them unaware, unnoticed,
Never revealing my true demonic face.
Projecting my dark demonic powers,
On all, this most pathetic human race.
But my powers will slowly dwindle down,
I need a second skin to slip inside.
A suit that will fit me from head to toe,
I seek the most worthless human hide.
Night drops its inevitable ebony mantle,
Night, my dark ally I very tightly embrace
As I venture into the heart of darkness,
But, I'm the heart of darkness in this place.
For speaking of hearts I am so ravenous,
Ravenous, for there's so much blood I smell.
I'll pick one already doomed and Hell bound,
And to deliver a message for Lucifer to tell.
I read many tiny minds and finally find him,
A mass rapist, killer and a violent thug.
Perfect! His hide and heart I'll take,
I know his violent skin will fit so snug.
I hypnotically call to him from an alley,
He comes and deftly rip out his heart.
I show it to him in shock still beating,
As my frenzied feeding begins to start.
Now sated and wearing my new identity,
I feel I'm being watched, spied upon.
I use my powers and search all around,
Nothing. No! A shadow then its gone.
There's something not quite right here...
My powers slowly now scan all-round layer by layer.
Then from nowhere he now reveals himself,
Karl Kurgan! The legendary demon-hunter and slayer.
Well, well, well! Look what Hell's cat dragged in,
Look how far the demonic mighty have fallen.
Lucifer's veteran general of The War In Heaven,
What interests you on Earth for you to call in.
Karl Kurgan, the infamous human living legend,
The only human ever trained by an Archangel.
The only human gifted weapons by an Archangel.
The only human bestowed powers by an Archangel.
Three Archangel's to be more deadly accurate,
Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer's most feared,
Azeal! The deadliest Archangel of them all,
My one time brothers I once held revered.
Archangels are Heaven's most terrifying weapon,
They are all simply and forever absolute.
And now they all fearlessly stand before me,
In the body of this human they did recruit.
So what brings Lucifer's general to Earth,
I will just simply read your demonic mind.
Ah! The Black Runestones and The Talisman,
Are the dark treasures you yearn to find.
Damn him! He read me like a children's book,
He knows now what I journey to seek.
And now he throws me a diamond sword,
But the outcome for me will be bleak.
Fight general or shall I call you Jonzeithiu,
Damn him again! He knows my real name.
Fight me now, you just might get lucky,
Die I surely will but I'll fight him all the same.
The diamond sword in my grip feels ecstatic,
The War In Heaven memories flooding back.
But I cast them out to stay sharp and focused,
Then I lunge forward beginning my attack.
He parries my deadly swing away effortlessly,
As if just shooing off an annoying fly.
Never ever striking at me just deflecting,
Ever blow, slope, faint and thrust I try.
With a mere flick of his wrist I'm disarmed,
Then like a blur he kicks me to the ground.
His diamond sword pressing deeply in my neck,
Do it! For in me no mercy begging will be found!
You fought well! As I try to read his mind,
The best I've seen and I have ever let live.
Then extends to me his outstretched hand,
As I take the hand of my belligerent combative.
We eternally stare at each other then he speaks,
Those accursed dark treasures of which you crave.
The Black Runestones and that damned Talisman,
Are possessed by creatures from beyond the grave.
I see in your troubled mind an honourable quest,
Knowing what you will do if they're ever found.
And what you so yearn to extract from Lucifer,
For you'd die trying on their unhallowed ground.
So many many clutch so tightly what you seek,
Druids, vampires, necromancers and witches.
And many more monstrosities you'll have to kill,
For they'll never easily surrender evil riches.
So let me point you in the right direction,
And for Heaven's sake demon change your name.
Something a little more divine and trustworthy
As you walk among all of us on God's domain.
Where does hired help choose to begin to venture,
Go to southern Germany's dark Black Forest area.
For you to retrieve your first Black Runestone,
You'll have to battle The Blood Witches of Bavaria...
Damn he's still good! One minute nothing,
Then in sparse woodland he steps out.
And so quick too this destroyer of Valac,
In their War In Heaven duelling bout.
We then stare each other down forever,
Finally this Angel Of Death smiles at me.
Then he utters, long time no see Jonzeithiu,
A very very long time Gabriel, an eternity.
What do you want Gabriel you know what I seek,
I shall find and what I will mercilessly kill for.
And my plans for Lucifer when all gathered,
You know what I will do to my former mentor.
But to do that you must first survive Jonzeithiu,
Or shall I call you by your chosen earth name.
Johnny Angel a demon hired your mind betrays,
Hired for dirty work that puts others to shame.
You're going to need more than your teeth, talons,
And harsh language to defeat The Blood Witches.
So I've brought a few interests on offer to you,
In order to defeat Azsalem and all her vile bitches.
Now I smile at what's now displayed before me,
As Gabriel presents death and utter destruction.
An entire heavenly arsenal of divine weaponry,
Crafted to remove any supernatural obstruction.
We converse on each weapon's pros and cons,
Forgetting we once tried to kill each other.
Gabriel offers Dragon's Breath which I accept,
From my one-time divine but deadly brother.
In total I select five from the twelve displayed,
Two or three to be used of where I do venture.
To slaughter that vile viper's nest and Azsalem,
The others used later if I survive this adventure.
Beware of Azsalem for she is The Mistress Of Lies,
She'll die protecting her precious Black Runestone.
Without it she and all her bitches become barren,
And you, you are the truest retribution ever sown.
For there's a War coming, Lucifer's second War,
You know it and all of Heaven knows it too.
The Black Runestones and Talisman can help,
For we always watch what you're trying to do.
Enough of the chit-chat now get into character,
Your powers will soon reveal where hundreds nest.
And it's strange to say, armed with these weapons,
You are the first demon to be so Heavenly Blessed.
Do not tire!
Do not stop!
Never give up!
Never surrender!
Kill them all!
Spare none!
Or die trying!
For you can make me, Archangel Gabriel,
The Angel Of Death,
Feel sinfully proud!
For they and Azsalem would relish forever,
In killing you!
And Johnny, take a little enjoyment in killing,
I always do...  
Twelve Blood Witches down just one to go,
The thrill of the chase makes my heart race.
My powers reveal where the last one hides,
Sentinel Witches protecting what I must face.
There she is! As I now use my utmost stealth,
My powers always reading her every vile thought.
As my sharpened talons rip her head clean off,
Then pluck the heart out of this last one caught.
The Runestone's power projects a woodland mirage,
To deceive all humans and keep them all at bay.
But through a demon's eyes I clearly see an entrance,
A furious demon to enter and unleash doomsday.
The thick human blood trail leads to a gaping maw,
The Blood Witches cold, cave, coven's, daunting doorway.
A skull combination hex lock I then easily unpick,
As a black onyx stone rises and I enter for my hunted prey.
I'm armed to my demonic sharpened fanged teeth,
With Dragon's Breath, The Orb and my Keeper.
And two more weapons in my waistband kept in reserve,
I am an unstoppable force, a demonic Reaper.
I seal the entrance behind me. NONE SHALL LEAVE!
NONE SHALL LIVE! Especially Azsalem the Witch Queen.
For she clutches so tightly The Black Runestone,
And for that Azsalem will die a slow death most obscene.
Up ahead in the tunnel I see a faint red glow,
Which widens to reveal a vile vista of pure Hell.
A red glowing crimson cavern with a vast blood lake,
Fed by scores of dying humans, too many to tell.
In which Azsalem's Witches bathe and greedily drink,
While hundreds more Blood Witches levitate above it.
Men women and young humans impaled on wooden stakes,
A slow blood letting despicable death I will never permit.
Dragon's Breath in one hand my Keeper in the other,
I then scream out a furious deafening demonic roar.
As the endless fire release's all the dying humans,
For of their plight even a demon like me won't ignore.
The Dragon's Breath sheer power unleashed stuns me,
Its protracted white hot searing flame obliterates all.
Then I aim it at the bathing Witches in the blood lake,
As they scream and melt at their deserved downfall.
They'll come at me now! The hundreds levitating,
So I release The Orb from my high hiding place.
It floats off and instantly gets to taste Witch flesh,
A spherical weapon flying through any Witches face.  
The Orb and Dragon's Breath in unison are deadly,
But I stay focused breaking cover, Azsalem my aim.
In my right hand a weapon from The War In Heaven,
A Keeper a gift from Gabriel who's carved my name.
Damn! It feels so, so good in my ice clamped hand,
A Keeper! MY Keeper! A three pronged diamond knife,
That will cut through anything Witch or Witch Queen,
For this is the weapon to end Azsalem's eternal life.
And where is that infamous Witch bitch hiding to,
Help me! Please! Help me! A child a human child.
Impossible! My powers would never have missed...
I drench the child in fire, like a demon gone wild.
Then its pitiful screaming turns to loud laughter,
To reveal slowly walking through the inferno,Azsalem!
Oh! So rare to meet a demon and such a clever one,
So let me bid you welcome to my Blood Witch haven!
She snuffs out my Dragon's Breath with what I seek,
The Black Runestone fastened onto her thorned wand.
She waves it and I'm slightly hexed, then sees my Orb,
With another wave it's hers to command and respond.
I'm surrounded by Witches closing their distance,
Hissing glaring spitting, as Azsalem admires The Orb.
Then utter silence as Azsalem begins again to talk,
Oh demon your blood and powers I'll drink and absorb.
And this pretty divinely evil little bauble is to be my pet,
Very pretty but not as beautiful and thoroughly evil as me.
Then with a slicing wand motion she cuts off my left hand,
As Azsalem and Witches see torrents of my blood flow free.
I do not cry out I will not content any their sly satisfaction,
My stump I shove into my waistband, next to a glassed weapon.
No! No! No! Demon! Take it out and hold it up to me and us,
For the deaths of my blood sisters you need to be taught a lesson.
For we haven't tasted demon blood for countless centuries,
Such a deliciously dark delicacy and one so extremely rare.
For you shall live and from you we all shall thirstily drink,
Every day for all eternity, every day your blood we'll share.
My stump now spraying blood on her face, drenching it,
She moves closer licking her lips for she can't resist it.
Now closer as she thrusts my stump in her mouth to drink,
Still slightly hexed but I'm waiting for the shock to hit.
She suddenly puts both her hands to her throat. Poison!
Poison! Poison! My hex now broken I move like a total blur.
My Keeper once spellbound I thrust into her black heart,
She screams and her Witches haven't a clue what did occur.
I pluck the Runestone from her fallen wand.OH THE POWER!
My stump instantly regenerates a new demonic hand.
As I pick up Dragon's Breath and watch the lifeless Azsalem,
The Runestone I place in The Orb now at my command.
Now at last to purge this noxious nest of Blood Witches,
Who are all now in hiding and keeping well away from me.
As I seal my Dragon's Breath to my Orb to burn them out,
But I still haven't finished with that Witch Queen banshee.
It's called The Tears Azsalem, The Tears Of Angels,
A weapon thats what mingled in my blood when you drank.
My delicious demonic blood you just could not resist,
So stop play acting your dead Azsalem Witch Queen prank.
Her eyes now open, Gabriel warned me of your sly and cunning,
He also warned me you possess two hearts, one ripped apart.
While the other in you still beats, she now loudly groans,
And by my Keeper hand from this world you shall forever depart.
And when you arrive in Hell Azsalem, tell Lucifer this,
I then whisper a private message in her Witches ear.
My angered words filled with uttermost malice and spite,
My wrathful message for Lucifer so deadly and clear.
No! No! No! Please! As I raise my Keeper in the air,
I thrust it deep into her second heart and yank it free.
As her life dwindles away I cleave it neatly in two,
And her last words are a vengeful curse spat at me.
My Orb and Dragon's Breath both obliterate her,
As I leave this lifeless cavern I hear dull thumping.
And scratching and cursing at the blocked entrance,
Now my powers alert and demonic heart pumping.
Sixty six Blood Witches trapped between me and the stone,
Sixty six Blood Witches on seeing me begin begging and pleading.
Mercy! Mercy! We all beseech thee! Spare us! Spare us!
I pull out my last weapon for any mercy for them I'm not conceding.
I place The Thunderclap on the ground before me and step back,
My floating Orb and Dragons Breath now back in my waistband.
But I still grip my Keeper as the Witches start screaming madly,
They know what a Thunderclap can do and what I have planned.
They decide to attack me on masse but they're too late,
The Thunderclap explodes atomising them and the onyx block.
As I walk through their black soot and into bright daylight,
My Runestone's power collapses the cavern down to bedrock.
Karl Kurgan's outside wildly clapping and applauding me,
Catch, he says as he then throws something small at me.
I catch it easily, look at it and my demonic eyes light up,
A powerful second Black Runestone, for how can this be!
Keep both Runestones safe Johnny, secrete them so well,
A gift from Gabriel who liberated it from a Haiti voodoo cult.
Where it is so damned bloody hard to kill the un-killable,
But when Gabriel has his sword in his hand that's the result.
You need to stay in Germany Johnny and go to Munich,
The third Runestone awaits you there under that city.
So does the Thule and Vril Societies now combined,
Also a former SS General who's never shown any pity.
A Nazi Occult Weapons Specialist surrounded by an army,
Who hasn't aged a single day since World War Two ended.
He holds in his perverse possession The Spear Of Longinus,
Trying to reanimate something that can't be comprehended.
Johnny you'll need help on this one, lots of deadly help,
Battling an army alone would be sounding your death knell.
But the odds will soon swing in your demonic favour,
On arriving and meeting with formidable Archangel Michael...
Dedicated to Bluevelvete.
Happy Halloween.
Written by ShaunCronick100 (Shaun Cronick)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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