He went to costume party for Halloween    
Dressed like Disco Stu to dance and be seen    
When over by the drinks and food he saw the girl for his dreams    
She was dressed as a sexy ghoul    
Making all the guys at the party drool    
While she was stuffing her face with some tasty franks and beans    
He boogied to the music down her way    
Grooving to the beat with swag to prey    
She was a cutie with a booty and tonight he was going to take a chance    
Then he saw she had some ginormous bewbs    
While the dudes there just looked confused    
Stu was the first guy to walk up to her and asked her to dance    
He smiled and she smiled with funny teeth    
With beans all around, inside and underneath    
But the girl was hot as hell in the tightest dress he’s ever seen    
He said, “are you here by yourself tonight?”    
To which she nodded yes while taking a bite    
Of the franks and beans she was thoroughly enjoying on this Halloween    
“Wanna dance” he asked without thinking twice    
To which she nodded “yes” looking into his eyes    
Then he took her to the dance floor as everyone around began to stare    
While the music played and everybody swayed    
Amidst the bodies he felt he had it made    
When she backed that thing up, twerked and flipped her long hair    
But she didn’t say much so he began to worry    
Wondering who she was and what’s her story    
When he noticed she had a bowl in her hands while she was dancing    
And though he thought this was a cute meet    
He thought “damn this girl can eat”    
How can she maintain that righteous body everyone found entrancing?    
And after a few more bowls of food and drinks    
Stu was ready for some intimate high jinks    
When he invited her to go into a bedroom on the second floor    
Though she had make-up that looked like bloody gore    
The girl said her first words into his ear “oh sure”    
So she led him up the stairs to the master bedroom and closed the door    
As he began to kiss the girl of his dreams    
In her breath he could smell the frank and beans    
But he didn’t mind because she was so fine her body was the bomb    
As he lifted her dress to get to taste her fruit    
She let out something he called a coochie toot    
But then the girl with dat ass passed gas that set off the smoke alarm    
When he woke up, it was November first    
Stu was still numb from that gaseous burst    
The sexy ghoul cleared the house because she quite notably bloated    
The cutie with a booty had all but disappeared    
He never thought about it, he never feared    
But the girl of his dreams ate too many franks and beans and exploded
Written by wallyroo92
Published | Edited 19th Dec 2022
Author's Note
Warning, this poem may stink.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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