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The Bloody Hit…

Hell.. I do not know what me and my Gee was getting into
All I know we were supposed to have met the Crips and their crew
The exchange of the payoff dope was near a cemetery  
I’m from the hood and we make a drive pickup in the night, strapped up, and in solidarity  
Out the Hummer me and my boys  
Pulling back the hammer on our weapons of some high-powerful toys  
The scene looked like a set up from the start  
Fog swirling around my Vera Wang stilettos, we knee deep in the dush of dark  
I told my crew anything moves strange shoot the bitch straight in the heart  
No names will be remembered in this game  
All I sudden we saw what looked like some robbers looting some graves  
If nothing else, tonight this Queen about to get paid  
It smelt like old money all that gold shinning  
My Queen... it looks like someone got stealing and mining  
Gee shot in the air and shouted to their backs don’t nobody fucking move  
And don’t pay that hero act shit, nobody here got nothing to lose, or prove    
We held them hostage while they continued to dig deep  
A foul stench hit our noses I told them they stop digging their blood will be the next drops to the soil that seeps  
The next thing I glimpsed, and I swear this on Bulldog's death  
I was swarmed by some zombified bitches with some stank ass breath  
Mumbling some shit about am I the Ghost  
I don’t tell people a damn thing, dead or alive and that goes for my zip code  
A bullet went in the kneecap to slow these motherfuckers down  
My crew running and shooting, shell casing dropping, bullets dodging behind headstones, a gunbattle with the dead, we went round for round  
I checked my chamber, stood up, you wanna play that dead man walking bullshit    
Popping heads off with centered chest hits  
Well say hello to my little friend  
I lifted my 40-caliber handgun from my thigh holster and fired off a series of rounds and I be damn  
Those ancient hellraiser dicks and clits still prowled and stood in their stance  
Gee, shouldered his Bazooka and off went a torpedo shot  
He took all the zombies to the dirt, and I took the remaining standing out with my Glock       
Blood and guts were flying everywhere  
Fucked up my salon curled hair  
The grave robbers where nowhere to be found  
They left the bag of gold and relics behind and fled without a sound  
You got any more rounds, My Queen, I’m out  
I got two vails of acid let’s show these dead fucks who got the earthly clout  
Go for it    
I threw them up hoping to their faces it drips  
Gee shot the two glasses and let it rip  
All we saw was corpses smoking, some were burning  
My crew hacking skeletons' bones, the scene had my stomach churning  
We heard sirens in the backgrounded  
Everywhere looking around  
Those night crawlers begin taking cover  
Rushing in the dirt, sealing up their own holes, not a touch of earth was left to smother  
Gee.. don’t ask, my Queen..    
We will wake up and realize this shit was all a make-believe dream  
In the meantime, let’s bounce  
Yeah, I do not want to get caught on me more than an ounce
Written by The_Nun_Runner
Published | Edited 27th Nov 2022
Author's Note
Ain't seen a damn thing...
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