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Mischief Born of Love

- Mischief Born of Love -

In the dawning hours of the newborn world,
When the first symphonies were being writ...
And all the choirs of creation gathered in bliss,
I sang alone in the company of sublime sorrow.
In the cities of the gods, with flags unfurled,
Not one of my divine peers laughed at my wit...
And when their light revealed the first morrow,
I longed to flee from it, as it interrupted my kiss!
I wept because it separated me from the night,
For in the vastness of that void, my love dwelt...
But the day was hot to bear, and bereft of cool,
So that only when night returned, I knew peace.
My love returned to my side, beautiful in sight,
And before the altar of the darkness I thus knelt...
My own spirit paler than can be spotless wool,
Though less innocent perhaps than sheep fleece.
And my dark love spoke to me from the stars,
Saying, 'If only the light could not separate us...
Then perhaps a new radiance we might create!'
And on the next morrow we saw the path of all.
The circling of the world in it's pains and scars,
For like all newborns, the world made its' fuss...
It had its' own hunger and its' own thirst to sate!
There were no boundaries, nor lines, nor walls.
But the light that hurt us was not from the sun,
Instead, it was emitted by the great world tree...
Its' roots spanned all realities, delving so deep!
As the branches of it, reached fast into infinity.
Mischief born of love was in me thence begun,
As the pain of loneliness hurt me very bitterly...
Until I called the dark, as unto me it did creep!
She came in all her glory, defying even eternity.
My love went unto the tree, defying all edicts,
Breaking every barrier, until she was with me...
And together all our past pains we poured out,
So that the world tree knew what is was to cry.
The gods felt our pain and wept to behold this,
Weeping more when the tree darkened visibly...
As poisons of sorrows caused flames to spout,
The tree's light went out, it burned to each sky.
Every reality beheld the world tree's burning.
Every heart knew the sting of bitter yearning!
The sun endured, the moon showed its' face,
The gods were lessened in their bright grace.
Triumph and tragedy, born of love's majesty!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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