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He walked callous through the meadow
kicking dandelions out of his way

Several whirled around him
silently protesting
Though unable to impede his aggression

Angry and airborne,
the seeds swirled
Their revenge will be in blanketing him
when he soon slumbers

He chose an older, grimacing tree
one with raking arms that taunted him
In contrast to the welcoming green ground
that soothed his eyes,
inviting him, come lay

Calmly, he removed his coat
Laid it, extending the layers
of earth, shade, then leather
-How many creatures died like this;
Displayed, in stages

He took out a knife,
old and almost toothless
Although still able
with its chipped tooth
to be a gouger
if not a cutter

He scratched his name into the bark
As the ancient tree
creaked in frustration
It's great arms were a century stiffened
Unprepared for sacrifice
of a mankind

The letters were crudely crafted,
but if patient, could be read
They'd know of his passing
Through, and now away

He stretched his body
within the softness of the shade
Where the crisp-edged grass
still in sunlight,
tried to battle the advance
of the encroaching grey

He slept quickly
for he was tired
His eyes bid good night
before his ears heard it as so
Listening, as the tree limbs bent
sighing, a hush-hush song
so sweetly stirring

His eyes once blue, now white
His lips once pink, now blue
Even rainbows end
just to begin again

Mother Earth opened her bosom
Brought him close, nestled him, home
As upon the ground came closure
and the dandelions danced,
celebrating his ending

Yet they too then tired
as summer snow
Covering this indent of their mother

Father Sky turned off his light
Went, dragging out his charcoal robe
It's tattered holes reminding us
That even night isn't all that strong

Nothing ever was
after all.

Written by Styxian
Author's Note
It happens
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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