Monster Ball

Ghost pussy promised on the down low, way down low
Trying to draw a werewolf in but I don't want to fucking know
Promised a gala where there would be smashing and gnashing
Fucking Frankenstien is on the dance floor and he's steady monster mashing

Fucking serial killers in this scenario are just fucking freaks
The zombies wanted brains but they're starting with the butt cheeks
Motherfucking Halloween is done lay your head back and take a deep breath
Hahaha exhale the oxygen until the smell of sulfur is the only thing left

You've seen all of these visions and heard all of these sounds
Dracula's in the corner taking a beat down
The invisible man's on the turntables mixing and scratching the wax
The Swamp Thing snuck up and kicked Dracula dead in his crack

All of the guys are mad at his ass for running around sucking on women necks
The Mummy made his wife remove her wrappings so that he could inspect
But Drac isn't a vampire for all of this ass kickig shit
he disappeared into the bathroom, pulled out a vial, and drew two lines for a hit

After getting tweeked up, he was horny as fuck
Found the invisible woman hiding in the bathroom hiding and busted her ass up
Suave as fuck, dress in black pants, black jacket, and a black cape
By the time his high came down, even Bigfoot was complaining of being raped

Hell even though they had busted up ole Drac
With two black eyes and a busted lip, he felt that he had gotten them all back
He had ripped through assholes and filled in pussy cracks
Monsters,men and women, were lining the walls afraid to turn their back

With a limp dick, the monsters decided that ole Drac wasn't so bad
They began howling and growling, showing Drac that they were mad
With nothing left in his vial to get high, his dick was just limp meat
Drac turned himself into a bat and made a fucking retreat

But before he made it the fuck up out of there
He caught two fucking bottles from the many thrown into the air
The first one caught him in the ass and he thought of returning after reupping his stash
But the second caught him upside the head and he decided on bed, and getting in there fast
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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