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The Train

You bitches just don't understand what the fuck goes through my mind
I'm existence on crack, I'm the whole universe redesigned
Fucking spit on that shit and make the sun put on shades
When I Is Me was born another fucking black hole was made

Fuck yeah Boo, I'm mocha but I originated from the darkest of light
Motherfucking atoms smashing atoms, so I know how to fight
The strain that I'm fucking with would give an elephant fright
Please take that blunt and smoke that shit through a motherfucking pipe

Roll that shit tight and pull hard I want to hear you cough
Watch that shit standing up straight, haha watch those balls glow with a gloss
You said you knew how to smoke, but you're use to that ragweed
Thinking you was smoking buds, but it was nothing but sticks and seed

Check out my stash, do you see that green with the gold all woven in
You said you like chocolate, smell that other sack it should be a sin
I've got all shades of green from evergreen to fucking lima bean
Like I said no sticks or seeds, I like my pussy clean

Open up wide and lay that clit on your tongue
Feel her smokey heat roll out of her hole over your lips and gums
Lick your lips, pull on her again deeper, that right now pass
Didn't I tell you this was a Menage A Troi, we're about to smoke this bitch's ass

I'm on that bong shit, I love filling up my lungs
This bitch pussy is so good I really don't mind if you get some
Just leave fifty or a hundred on the dresser, hell  yeah I'm pimping her ass out
You know it's a hundred if she pulls an ounce out with her fucking mouth

If she pulls her legs up behind her head and totally opens up her gash
Double that shit, half a blunt in and your feeling the affects of my stash
Fucking stacks of chocolate chip cookies and a juice box lined up in front
Hands cupping your face as you try to shotgun a blunt

After two shots of cognac, now lay the fuck back
Eyes no more than slits as the THC finishes the attack
Hahaha, now your dress is raised, pussy lips pressed against your thong
You're showing that pussy while reaching for my bong

To hits and the thong is ripped, the dick is out and sucked until stiff
You're bouncing in my lap riding from the balls to the tip
Smelling of cannabis as that pussy cover my shaft with cream
I busted a nut and finished two more bowls, all in this very same dream  
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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